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So, I got a date tonight with Daysi and my sisters been teasing me all day. They still don't know I'm gone fck em up for telling pops about my tats. Cause he never seen me with my shirt off. And, I know April big mouth said some shit.

|Date with Daysi,

"Hey, Mr. Neverson! " She said smiling and sitting down in the booth

I smiled, "Hey Daysi, You looking beautiful as always."

"Awe, why thank you TJ." she said

"You welcome so tell me about you."

She paused for a long time and than said, "First off, whatever these niggas saying about me isn't true. So, don't believe that, If that's the reason you want a date with me than don't be on a date with me because I'm not a thot."

I laughed, "You think that's why I asked you out?"

"Yes, why else would you?" She said

"Because you're beautiful, I ain't ask you out because of what every one says about you. I'm the type of person who don't care what others say about you, I like to get to know you for myself" I stated

She smiled, "I like you already"

I chuckled, "Good. We off to a good start!"

"Yeah, but I'm not gone sit back and say I'm a perfect person because I have issues of my own at home." she stated


"As you know, I'm a foster care child..."

"Nah I ain't know that." I said

"Well yeah, I live in a foster care. And, it ain't fun growing up in there. Like I have to be home at 10 for curfew."

"How long you have to be there?"

"Until I'm 18." she stated

"Do they hurt you?"

"Sometimes." she said uneasy

"How?" I asked

"I don't wanna talk about it, Whats it like being the son to one of the greatest singers? And rapper Trey Songz?"

"It's cool, it's not really as impressive or interesting like people put it out there to be. We just regular human beings."

"But with money" she stated with a smile

"Yeah, you could say that"

"I always pictured my life being in a rich family but I guess that wasn't God's plan for me.," she stated

"You should be a model." I said.

"I don't know... " she said

"Why not? You got all the potentials. You got a banging body, You beautiful and everything. You should most definitely be a model. My auntie can help you out with that"

"I wouldn't be able to do anything until I'm 18 anyways." she stated


"Mr. Rowans wouldn't let me. I'm only 16. He don't let me do anything really. If he found out I was here instead of the mall, he'd probably put me on punishment."

"When you say... Punishment what do you mean?"

She looked at me and said, "Don't worry about it."

"Howdy there partna! Oh I'm gone tell mama " Maliyah joked

"Hey Li Li." I said

"Hey baby boy. Whose this?"

"Daysi" I said with a smile

"Oh this is the famous Daysi! She is beautiful me'ha. Hi, I'm Maliyah. I'm his older sister" she said

"I love your accent and You are too." Daysi said

Maliyah smiled, "Thank yahn. I'm about to go home, Yahn youngins enjoy"

She kissed the top of my forehead and left.

"Is she British or something? Cause her accent is to die for." Daysi said laughing

"Nah, she just takes on my aunts accent I guess."

"Do you guys got the same parents?"

"Same dad, different moms"

"Cool, how many siblings you got in all?"

"Two sisters" I said

"That's cool, Is it fun having a sibling?"

"Sometimes, they ignore me and sometimes they get on my last nerves but I love me and I know they love me so it's alright."

She smiled.


I got home and went up to my room and called up April.

Phone Convo with April,


Me: Aye *laughs*

April: How was it?

Me: Good, but listen...

April: Okay..?

Me: Did she tell you anything about what goes on when she's at the joint?

April: Nah

Me: April, stop lying

April: All I gone tell you is, She's a troubled teen. She going through a lot

Me; Like what?

April: That's classified information

Me: Really?

April: Yep!

Me: Ugh, You know sometimes I can not stand you and Autumn

April: Duuh! That's what we here for

Me: Yeah so did my mom tell y'all she pregnant?

April: Yeah, Congrats big bro! We got another sib on the way...

Me: Why I got a feeling (lays back on bed) pop did this to get at Maya

April: I thought the same thing but, it's whatever we got a sib on the way and that's all that matters bro

Me: Yeah, aye I'm going to bed we still going to Mel grave tomorrow?

April: Yeah

Me; Alrighr night big head

April: Bye

I hung up

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