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quick little A/N: Hogwarts will just be a regular college and there will be some random professors in here along with some you might know from the movies but, yea this will a regular NON-magic college.

Y/n's Pov
"Pansy! Come on you're going to make us late on our first day!!" Bellatrix shouted.

"So how are you and Marcus did you two hangout over summer?" Bellatrix asked you, as Pansy continued you to make you both more and more late by the minute.

"Yes but, I have something I need to, well confess. It's just-" Was all I managed to say before I was interrupted by Pansy, quickly running out of the bathroom and dragging us out of our dorm and quickly to class.

As we quickly made our way to class Bellatrix whispered, "Tell me later." I simply nodded.

Marcus and I didn't actually hangout over summer. He didn't even bother to call me over even text me once. And now we're back and he hasn't even tried to meet up with me and we've been on campus for three days before class started.

But finally, we made it to class and sat down, "I guess he's running a bit late." Pansy said as Bellatrix nodded in agreement. "He? Did Ms.Smith leave?" I said. "She sure did." Draco said as he sat down in the empty seat next to me. "And its about time. She has to be over 80." Draco continued.

"Draco!" I said as I hit him playfully with my arm. As he was about to say something a tall man with dark hair and dark eyes walked in the room. Everyone quickly went silent and turned around to face the man.

"Good morning students. I am your new Professor. I expect to be treated with respect." The man said in a calm but stern voice. I could see Hermione already drooling. I simply rolled my eyes and looked back over at the professor who was now writing "Professor Riddle" on the board.

While he was writing his name on the board, Pansy slowly leaned over and whispered, "holy shit he's hot don't you think?" "Relax Pansy." Bellatrix teased.

As he started the lesson every girl was focused on Professor Riddle, and I can't lie I was too. I mean who wouldn't be focused on him he's everything a girl dreams of? He's tall, smart, and good looking.

As I was still somewhat focused on Professor Riddle someone barged into the room and that someone was, Marcus Lopez. My boyfriend who apparently visited family for the summer but didn't have one single moment to call or text me.

Ridiculous. The nerve that boy has. He didn't even text me that he was here, on campus.

"Hi sorry I'm late I-... I don't have an excuse if I'm being honest.." Marcus said, as he looked around the room and quickly made Pansy move her seat so he could be next to me.

"Since its the first day I'll let you off with a warning." Professor Riddle said in a harsh tone. Marcus nodded quickly.

A few minutes had passed and something had landed on my paper. It was a- note? And it came in the directions where Marcus was sitting. I looked over at him a bit confused.

"Open it." He mouthed in my direction.

"Hey I'm so sorry about what happened over summer, can we talk after class?"

I gave him a simple nod but honestly I didn't feel like talking. And it seemed I wasn't going to have too when Professor Riddle slammed his hand on my desk, "Passing notes are we?" He said, already aggravated.

"N- no sir. It's just-" I said a bit nervous because now all eyes were on me. "Just nothing. What's your name darling?" He said strangely calm. "Y/n, sir." I whispered, a bit nervous about what was coming next. "Alright then Y/n, you will serve detention at the end of the day no "buts" about it." He said as he walked back to the front of the room swiftly.

"I'm so sorry." Marcus said. But honestly I didn't mind at this point, I mean I got my wish. Now I don't have to talk to Marcus after class and, I get to stare Professor Riddle without 20 other girls doing the same.

*Time Skip*

After you explained your whole Marcus situation to Bella she was furious. Bellatrix always treated you like her little sister especially since you two had grown up together. And of course you were close with Pansy but honestly it would never be the same as you and Bella.

"Well you're not actually going to go to detention for something Marcus did are you?" Bellatrix said.

Does it really look like I have a choice? But again I don't really mind..

"Yeah I guess at least won't have to talk to Marcus." I said a bit worried because I'm already running late.

"Alright.. Well let me know how detention goes!" She said as I ran out the door.

As i finally made it there I looked for a clock on the wall and when I found one I realized I had just become late..

To Be Continued..

hey guys sorry for such a short chapter i promise they'll be longer and, please let me know if there are any errors i wrote this on my phone because for some reason i can't log in on my computer and i feel horrible for making you all wait so long :(. If you have any questions please let me know! also there is an account who stole this whole story technically they have the same name, picture, and my old description their user is @/HuterRoesRiddle !

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