Best Thing I Never Had

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I've lost it. I'm a supermodel, but my heart skipped a beat, when I saw a guy on the corner of my eye. He's name is Bruno. Bruno was the best songwriter ever, he kept on telling me that, I don't need to put on a pile of make-up to look beautiful. Oh gosh, I could have seen it. He's the right one for me, but I just couldn't tell then. Now, that I could. I can leave Jesse, but I can't. Why are these two guys sooo damn cute? They both, make me fell so dumb. Jesse, he's the one that could love a girl, that could love a girl that has an ugly face, but a beautiful soul. Bruno, he loves a girl for, who she is. I love that. Those boys are irresistable. I love Jesse, he's cute. But, it's Bruno that make my heart melt. I love the way that he says my name. Lyne, Lyne, Lyne, Lyne. He says my name, like this... Lay-Knee. I love the way that, he always jokes around. He made a joke about a phone call, with CeeLo.

"He's so huge... Like a human pigeon," he says.

"Bruno, don't make fun of CeeLo. He's awesome," I say, smiling.

I don't know, who I should love anymore. My head says "Jesse," but my heart says "Bruno." God, Lyne Aubren. Just pick a boy, already. Pick between, Jesse and Bruno. But, it's just too hard. I can't be myself, any longer. I need a break from all of these dilemma. Oh, how about Hawaii? No, Bruno's from there. New York? Uh no, Jesse's from there. I know. I'll go to London, then to Sydney, the Paris. I'm eighteen, I could do it.

"I have to go," I say.

Bruno and Jesse looks at me. I sighed, and hesisated to tell, the both of them. The reasons, why I'm going.

"I can't tell you, why? But I have to go," I say.

"Lyne, just go."

"Like she's care, what we both think of," Bruno argued.

I left the hotel lobby, and ran out. Not interested, at what the paparazzis are all asking me. I got in the car and drove off, to the airport. Knowing them, at least one would follow me, to Paris.

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