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Chapter Thirteen| Dario

I slowly close the door and then turn to stare down at the brown-skinned beauty I want to make mine.

Her breathing hitches when I begin to trace my finger along her exposed collarbones. "Dario." She whispers and I smirk at her, loving the way she says my name.

"What do you want, princess?" I question her, needing to know that we want the same thing.

Each other.

In more ways than one.

She continues to stare up at me with her big brown eyes and then they fall to my chest. She reaches up and begins to play with the silver chain around my neck.

"Look at me." I tell her, wanting her full attention. "Tell me what you want, baby."

"You. I want you." That's all I need before I'm lifting her up and crashing my lips onto hers.

I turn around and press her against the door. She moans into my mouth while threading her fingers through my hair. I grunt and stick my tongue into her mouth.

She tastes so good.

I begin to lay kisses on her neck, inhaling her sweet scent. She moans again, leaning her head back to give me better access.

I pull away and stare at her swollen lips and she smiles.

I gulp.

She's so beautiful.

"Are you gonna take me to bed, old man?" She grins and the smirk returns to my face.

"Old man, huh? I'll fuck you to sleep, baby. I don't think old men can do that." I chuckle, walking us over to the bed before throwing her down onto the mattress.

She smiles as she bounces, her cleavage spilling out of her dress. I bite my lip, staring at her, my eyes filled with lust as I begin to unbutton my dress shirt.

Leona, continues to watch me, twirling her hair with her finger. I kick my shoes off and then unbuckle my belt, putting it to one side before taking my trousers off, leaving me in my boxers.

I grab her ankles and pull her to the edge of the bed before kneeling down. I lift her thighs onto my shoulders and place light kisses on the inside of them, maintaining eye contact with her.

"Can I taste you?" I rasp and watch as she gulps before slowly nodding her head.

I trail my hands up and down her thick thighs a few times before reaching up to pull her lace panties down.

The sight of her wet, glistening pussy makes me instantly hard and I don't hesitate to attach my mouth to her clit.

I feel her jump and then she's a moaning mess as I enjoy eating the fuck out of her.

"That feels good." She whimpers, clutching onto my hair but I don't care. I look up at her and watch as she throws her head back in pleasure.

I then add two fingers into her tight hole and feel her begin to clench around them. Her moans turn me on even more as they get louder while I finger her tight pussy.

"You like that, princess?" I grunt and she responds with an even louder moan. "Words."

"Hmm yes!" She cries out, grabbing her breasts and then I feel her legs begin to shake.

"You close, baby?" She frantically nods her head so I pull away.

"Dario, what the fuck?!" She sits up on her elbows and stares at me with wide eyes, her chest heaving up and down.

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