Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

Curse of the Virgin Canvas by Alesana


Gabriel’s POV

Three weeks, three fucking weeks my mate has been gone. Every time we get close that rouge manages to get away I’m fucking exhausted I want my mate, I want my pup, I want my family back. 

“Sir, we have an intruder towards the west side of the territory!” A warrior burst into my office I immediately get up running into the forest and shifting.

We get to the spot the intruder was only to find a basket I look inside and immediately back up howling up at the sky.

I shift back to my human form and scoop up the bundle of pink blankets. Her head pokes out the top, blue eyes just like her mommies and brown hair like mine.

“Baby Anna.”

I turn around facing the warriors, “Go trace the scent, bring me my mate!!” I growl they run off at my command as I look at my child, “Your gorgeous.”  I kiss her forehead and walk back to the pack house, Aiden and Nix immediately come to my side

“Oh god, he gave birth to her.” Nix exclaims a hand over his mouth.  “I need both of you guys to help,” I look down at her “I have no idea how to raise a child.” Silent tears run over my face.

  “Of course we will help.”

Aiden says “But first let’s feed her and get some clothes.”  He takes her out of my arms and I willingly let her go. Anna's face screws up and she starts crying, my eyes widen and I take a step back as she tries to wiggle out of Aiden’s arms.  “Okay she obviously doesn’t like you.”

 Nix takes her but she only cries harder. “Okay she doesn’t like me either here.” Nix places her in my arms and she settles down cuddling into my chest.   “We have to find Shiloh.”

One Week Later

Taking care of Anna isn’t that hard, but you can tell by her face that she knows something is missing. Her mom.  I don’t even want to think about Shiloh not seeing her, being taken is one thing but not being able to see his first born is something that could break him.

  It’s slowly breaking me every night I go to sleep without him by my side, my wolf doesn’t even talk.  I sit down at the border where we found Anna who is with her grandparents now I sniff the air noticing the smell of rouge then I feel the ground rumbling.

 “Fuck, fuck.” I shift into my wolf form sending out a pack message that we are under attack once again.  I snarl as the cross the border and began fighting tearing apart any rouge that gets in my way.

 The pack fighting behind me, I snarl at the wolf in front of me, he or she lunges at me trying to take a chunk out of my neck but I move away just in time.  Sinking my canines into their shoulder and fling my head so that the skin tears, another rouge bites my leg and I shake them off quickly throwing the rouge bleeding profusely to the ground.

I manage to turn around before getting knocked on my ass, I scratch the wolf across the muzzle he whines backing up and running into the forest obviously surrendering.

  I fight the rouges one by one they all die or run off and by the time were done their blood is staining the grass.  I shift back to my human form worn out.

“Hose the grass down, burn the bodies.” I command the warriors nod and get to work I sniff the air again just to make sure they are gone, but my mates scent reach’s me along with another rouge.

 “Wait!!” I growl watching the border the man that took Shiloh comes forward smirking and holding my mate by the neck dragging him across the forest.

 I growl and step forward, the man holds a finger up “Ah, ah, ah we wouldn’t want your mate hurt now would we?” He tightens his grip on Shiloh’s neck who gasps trying to get him to let go.    “You can have your worthless mate.” He says casually throwing Shiloh to the ground having no strength he lands face first in the dirt.

“Since I’ve found my mate I’m happy, I didn’t touch him in any sexual ways just beat the shit out of him with Jess so thank you.” He puts his arm out and I watch as Jessica comes out the woods grinning and cuddling up to him.

 “You’re both disgusting.” I growl taking my mate in my arms. “You’ll both rot in hell for what you’ve done to my mate.” I turn my back on them and walk away.

I take Shiloh out of his clothes laying him in the bath I fill it up with water and began washing him up being careful of all the bruises littering his body. “G-Gabe.” He whimpers “I'm here baby.”

“Anna.”  I kiss his forehead bulling him out the bath I dry his body putting him in his adorable panties I say “She’s with you mom and dad should be back any minute though.”  I put him in bed covering his body with the blankets as the doorbell rings.

 “Right on time.” I mumble I open the door “He’s back and safe.”  I grin at them taking Anna in my arms, Katherine cries in Henrys shoulder “Thank god, can we see him?” I nod opening the door wider.

 They rush upstairs as I lock the door cooing at Anna. We go back upstairs to see Shiloh being smothered by his mom.

“Alright Cath let them reunite in peace I’m sure Shiloh wants to spend time with his daughter, she nods kissing his forehead and taking Henrys hand, I tell them too lock the door on the way out and climb into bed placing Anna on my chest. Shiloh cuddles into my side whimpering in pain,

 “I missed you so much.” He cries tears rushing down his cheeks I pull him even closer watching Anna sleep.  “We searched every day and every time we got close he managed to get away.”  Shiloh kisses my cheek

“I love you, she’s so pretty.” I wrap my arm around his waist “I know I wonder how cute our boy would be.”  Shiloh glares at me “No never again.” I laugh managing to wake Anna who starts to gurgle against my chest “Here hold her.” I sit up “No its okay.” “Shi she’s yours.” I sigh “She probably hates me for abandoning her.”

I grab his chin “Don’t you dare, don’t you dare say you abounded her.”  I growl “I did though as soon as I went into labor I knew I would never see her again never, they just took her and walked out didn’t even but me on any drugs to help with the pain I didn’t even try to get her back I let her go.”

 He cries, silently I put her in his arms she coos kicking her legs wildly and spitting everywhere. I laugh kissing her cheek and she smacks my head gurgling and pulling my hair. “Uh just like your mommy.” 

Shiloh giggles looking down at us with love shining in his eyes. “She doesn’t hate you, she'll never hate you you’re her mom.” I kiss him “I love you.” He say closing his eyes “I love you too.” “Babababa.” Anna giggles below us still in Shiloh’s arms.

“Anna says she loves you too.”  I grin as Shiloh burst out laughing “You’re stupid.”

It’s almost over only two or three more chapters!!!


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