Chapter thirty three

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[a/n] not entirely happy with how this turned out, but i guess the next chapter will be better :) hope you enjoy! as always thanks for reading etc

30 minutes later, I went back downstairs. Granddad was apparently tired and had already gone to bed. Grandma looked up from her puzzle book with like, crosswords or something like that.

“What happened, Jenna?”

I gave her a confused look, but was actually just kind of surprised how much it apparently showed that I wasn’t really comfortable with the whole Tyler-situation that was going on.

“I can tell something’s wrong. Do you miss home?” she asked in a concerned voice.

“A little, I guess, but that’s not it… It’s just, I’m co confused about everything Tyler does or says.” I explained basically everything that had happened to my grandma, which honestly was kind of weird. The thing I didn’t expect, was the advice she gave me.

“He’s probably just as confused as you are, maybe that girl was just an old friend or something. And if not, you shouldn’t bother too much, dear. I’m sure he wouldn’t just let go of someone like you, and if he did, then he’s not worth your time. Let alone your love. You’re a great girl Jenna, and I bet he knows it. Just wait until you see him again, see what happens then. I’m sure the story will unfold before you know it. Do you miss him?”

“I do.”

“Does he miss you?”

“He said he misses talking to me…”

“That means he misses you. Trust me; I have many years of experience. When will you see him again?”

“I think like the day after I get home? At least I hope so. But I guess then.” I said, feeling my stomach churn with happiness as I said it.

“See! That’s the smile I was looking for. It’ll be okay, Jenna, don’t worry. I’m sure he’s excited to see you again.” She said, winking. I felt my cheeks glow so I basically leaped to the fridge to get myself and grandma a drink. I sat down for a bit, watching a late night talk show.

Soon after, grandma ad finished her puzzle. “I’m heading to bed, will you turn off the lights and everything?” she asked, kissing my forehead.

“Yeah, that’s fine, I’ll go to bed soon too. Goodnight grandma.”

“sweet dreams, Jen.”


The next morning, I got dressed and went downstairs. As soon as my foot hit the floor after the last step of the stairs, the bell rang. It scared the frick out of me at first, but after realizing that that was completely unnecessary, I figured I might as well open the door. “I’LL GET IT!”

Again, someone with flowers was standing outside the door. A woman, judging from the vaguely visible posture through the matted glass door. My presumptions were confirmed when I opened the door and let the woman in. She turned out to be someone from my grandparents their elderly sports class or something. Turns out my grandparents still played sports up until shortly ago. Okaaayyy.

I grabbed myself some breakfast, and after quickly shoving in in, I went upstairs so I wouldn’t have to deal with my awkward self while my grandparents had someone over. I sat behind my laptop, browsing YouTube. After hearing my phone vibrate, I picked it up from the bed.

9 unread messages in 3 conversations

I clicked on the notification to open it. At the top was the group with Audrey and Zoey which I would check later. Second one were Scott, Paige and Olivia, which I was going to open but then I saw that the last one came from Tyler. Priorities.

“sorry I had to leave so suddenly. Josh came back from his ‘date’ or whatever it was. Debby and he broke up.”

Wait, what? Hadn’t seen that coming.

“oh nooo :( is Josh okay?”

“he’s better now, sad but he’s like, calm now. He said they pretty much made the decision together because it wasn’t working or something. But that’s not really any of my business. It was just horrible to see him so sad, he was just so out of it”

“you’re right and I understand.. I’m glad he’s doing a bit better. please hug him from me, okay?”

“will do. We’re going to do something fun soon to get some distraction and because it’s our last day. Are you doing anything fun? It’s your last week, isn’t it?”

“Yepp it is :) I’m probably going to hang out with friends later. Flying early tomorrow?”

“around 10 AM so we have to be there early. Tell your friends hi from me. I have to go, I’ll talk to you later!”

“Bye Tyler :)”

Tyler confuses me, but I like him. Maybe that’s the reason he confuses me. Either way, I’m just hoping to see him soon and just see a smile on his face instead of those smiley faces he rarely ever texts.

I opened the texts from Audrey and Zoey, which contained some random gossip about someone from school. I ignored it and went to the other group chat. Soon I figured out that we were going to the mall later in the afternoon.


After some shopping –without me buying much (those dang small suitcases)- we went out for a bite at a local café. We then went to see a movie, as Scott insised we’d had to go to the cinema at least once. So, seeing The Imitation Game (Benedict Cumberbatch yesss) my friends brought me to my temporary home, where drank tea and then went straight to bed, as my grandparents were already sleeping.

For the first time since arriving here, I dreamt of going home.

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