Camera Ready (Short Chapter)

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You already know I had to get up and taking a selfie in my new celfiè shirt my baby MJ picked out for me yesterday! He got the right color too.

@MayaAmour, "#NoMakeup #NoFilter! Just an everyday bad bitch! lol my baby Melvin Jr (MJ) @MelvinAugustJr_MJ went and picked mama out this #celfie shirt! Right color and everything. Thank you, Baby!!!! Mama loves you even more for this. All the little things you do to try and make momma happy, I appreciate it. And you know you my baby 😍😍 That's why mama kisses on you twenty four seven. Love my babies💘!!! Don't know where mama would be if it wasn't for all y'all! @April_DaBest @CallmeAutumn @MaliyahWoks_ ❤️"

"Mama, you like your shirt?" MJ asked coming into the room

"momma loves it, MJ."

All of a sudden he started laughing and smiling hard

"MJ? Baby what you laughing at?"

"Uncle Mel"

"Uncle Mel, here?"

"Yep and he says you're verrrry beautiful and you always staying Camera Ready"

I laughed, "You know it, Mel. Thank you.."

MJ smiled, "He says you're welcome."

I smiled and kissed MJ temple, "Are your sisters up?"

"They left for school."

"Oh okay, Good. Now, you go and tell your father to get you ready." I said

He nodded and got down I hit him on his little tiny butt as he ran up the stares, I laughed and laid back on the couch and closing my eyes


"Hey Maya."


"Yeah, You doing a good job with that brother of mines. Never seen him care so much for a woman unless it was Netia" he laughed

"Oh really? How come we can't see you?"

"Only MJ can because he's just a kid. Once he get the girls age he won't see me no more, And he might have a gift. He a brilliant kid with gifts, He's at the stage where he has imaginary friends, right?"


"So he can see ghost."

"You telling me, My son can see ghost?! "

"Yes he can. But, I'm here to make sure none come to him because... I don't wanna scare you alright?"

I nod

"There's some ghost out there who ain't like me. You feel me?"

I nod, "So they harmful?"

"Some are but you guys are protected not only by me but your cousin, other guardian angels and the man above himself." he smiled

I smiled, "Mel, Why is it so hard for August to trust me?"

"August feels like there's a man out there who can love you better than he can." he stated

"But, I don't want no other man."

"He knows that, He just knows what he knows. Oh, what I really came to tell you was... You smart, you beautiful and y'all raising y'all kids so different, And thank you for taking care my family especially my daughters."

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