Chapter Five

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The vases—4:

Amelia was still lost in thoughts, trying to find a logical explanation for her strange dilemma when Kobe strode into the bedroom still holding her and gently laid her on the bed. But in the process, one of his hands brushed over Amelia's bruised ribs, causing her to wince.

"Are you okay?" Kobe voiced out his concerns. 

He had noticed that her nightdress was stained with dirt and her hair was unusually messy but seeing that he had walked in on her sleeping, he'd talked himself into letting her rest until the next morning before he'd talk about it.

"Ye-yes, yes I'm fine" she replied in an unconvincing voice.

Immediately, Kobe knew something was wrong. To make his point, he slightly brushed his hand over her ribs again, and she winced from the pain. That was all he needed to know she wasn't fine.

"What happened to you?" He asked in a stern voice meaning to get the truth from her but his eyes stared into hers softly.

Amelia wasn't ready to tell Kobe or anyone else her weird tale so she blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.

"I-I slipped and fell in the kitchen" she quickly responded, staring into Kobe's eyes to clear any doubt he might have.

"Let me see"

He lifted her nightdress and she raised her arms above her head to let him pull it off her. As soon as the dress was gone, Kobe's eyes zeroed in on the purple bruise that had formed on her torso. His fingers slightly traced the bruise while Amelia did her best to not wince as she sat still, enduring the pain.

"Don't worry about it, it's not so painful and it'll heal in a few days" she assured Kobe, placing her hand over his and squeezing softly. 

"Are you sure?"

"Mmmhmmm. All I want is a warm bubble bath"

"Coming right up, ma'am," Kobe responded with a bow, making Amelia giggle. 

Leaning into her, he covered her lips with his in a soft passionate kiss. When he pulled away, he left for the bathroom to prepare Amelia's warm bath.

As soon as he was gone, she let out a sigh of relief. Her eyes drifted to her rib cage as she placed her fingers over the bruise.

She still couldn't fathom what was happening. Yet, the events of the last few hours swarmed around her head, vividly.

From what Amelia had seen and experienced, she knew without a doubt that somehow, she'd been In ancient Egypt in her dream. Though she believed it was a dream, she still couldn't explain how the bruise had followed her from her dream, nor could she place how her nightdress had been stained from the dream.

Is this the true meaning of dreams coming to pass? She asked herself but deep down, she didn't believe in such.

"Time for your bath baby" Kobe's deep voice broke her reverie.

Sighing, she pushed her thoughts away and stood to her feet to meet Kobe in the bathroom.

Moments later, Amelia was tucked in bed after a warm bath, with Kobe cuddling her. Kobe's presence was enough to lure her into a peaceful slumber, making her forget her worries.


The next morning, Amelia rose from bed early. Putting the recent strange happenings behind bars, she decided to start her day and focus on her assignment, the article about the artifacts.

An hour later, she was ready to leave for work. She was packing her bag when her phone beeped, as usual, reminding her that she had less than an hour to be at the museum.

Hurriedly, she took her bag, unplugged her phone from the charger, and was ready to leave the room when her phone beeped once again, the screen lighting up with a notification from the service provider.

Seeing it wasn't important, she swiped it off but her eyes landed on something else.

The picture of the vase she'd been studying the previous night. 

She'd slept off while working on it. So, her photo gallery was still open.

But that wasn't what bothered her.

The picture that was supposed to be of a vase with paintings describing the life of a pharaoh was now that of a plain vase with no paintings.

At first, Amelia thought it was the wrong photo and that Kobe might have changed it while connecting her phone to the charger.

In an attempt to prove that she was right about her thoughts, she searched her photo gallery for the right picture but found nothing of such. All she could see was the picture of the plain vase.

Her first thoughts were;

Why would Kobe delete it?

A frown marred her face but then she remembered the picture wasn't important anymore since she'd have access to the real object. The excitement of knowing she'd be working with the real object washed away her concern about the missing picture.

With that conclusion, she hurried out of the room to meet Kobe who was waiting outside to take her to work.

They arrived at the museum in no time. By then, Amelia's excitement was bubbling through her. Placing a peck on Kobe's lips, she alighted from the car, giddily making her way towards the stone structure while Kobe watched her with a smile etched on his face. As soon as she was behind closed doors, he peeled out of the parking lot.

Amelia strutted into the office space she shared with Harry, grinning from ear to ear.

"Morning Harry" she greeted in a sing-song manner.

"Morning milady" Harry responded, chuckling. Her excitement was contagious. Harry didn't need to ask to know what it was about.

It was common knowledge that Amelia was in love with her job. That always made him develop an interest in any project they embark on. To him, Amelia was the best partner one could have.

"Did you come up with anything?" He asked, still grinning.

"I was going to start writing but I was really tired that I slept off" was Amelia's reply as she rounded her desk to sit down. "Did you?"

"I'll start today. I dedicated yesterday to studying the symbols on the canopic jars"

"Good for you then. I think Kobe mistakenly deleted the picture from my phone because I couldn't find it this morning"

This had Harry laughing. Amelia rolled her eyes.

"At least, I'll have the real object to work with. Speaking of which, I'd like to start now"

Ignoring a laughing Harry, she stood to her feet and left the room.

"Come on, it's funny. Don't you agree with me?" Harry called after her, following right behind her.

Most times, he loved to rile up Amelia and he was doing just that. Knowing he was happy with himself, Amelia decided to ignore him.

"What if you take the vase home and he mistakenly breaks it?"

"Hahaha...very funny" Amelia answered with an eye roll.

She believed Kobe didn't mean to delete it and he'd never do such to her intentionally but apparently, Harry was having a field day with it.

Getting to the exhibition room, as soon as her eyes landed on the artifacts, her annoyance dissipated. In its place, came her excitement.

She was truly going to enjoy writing the article about the Pharaoh's life.

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