Chapter 3:Fate

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Mia's pov

"Shilo is turning 5 next week. I cant believe its already been five years." I cannot hide the pride in my voice. But of course I manage to raise my wonderful son. Carlie turn to me from the computer and smiled at me.

"Yeah. I never thought your crazy escapade will turn out well giving us our angel." Carlie said comically. I smiled and agreed with him

My phone rang.

"Hey long time. I'm in the area."

"Adrian? Oh my god what a pleasant surprise! Who do I owe for this phone call? " I can't hide the glee in my voice. I heard him chuckled.

"Whoa! My patient missed me huh.I never thought I'll be missed by another woman besides my wife." He joke.

"As if Adrian, With that playfulness of yours I'll bet that there are enormous number of women that their hearts had been broken." I teased.

"Well what can I say. Women loves me." He laughed heartily . "How are you doing by the way?" He asked.

"We'll I'm great. By the way it's Shilo's birthday nextweek. I wont take no for an answer you will come okay?" I babbled. He went quiet for a while like he inhaled deeply and the he cleared hi throat.

"....Well of course I'll come! That's why I called I'll never miss it to the world. Its not everyday your patient's son happens to be your godson" He sounded cheerful but there was something in his voice that I can't figure out. But I just cleared that in my thought.

"Okay! Great! Shilo will definitely happy. Ill expect you okay." I said. We had a few chit-chat and the we hung up.


Mia's pov


I look around. The venue is perfect. Good thing Carlie arranged the catering for me. Everything is perfect. My family is complete and they all adored Shilo. At the beginning it was tough, for my parents specially my father to accept my decision about the artificial insemination. But then when Shilo came out they adore him so much. Seeing them right now, perfectly happy makes my heart swell. I couldn't ask for more.

I can't help the smile plastered on my face. I am definitely right. I  did it. He is my son and I raised him by myself.

"Mia my darling how do you like the setting and everything?" Carlie suddenly appeared besides me. I smiled.

"I know what you want to hear." I chuckled. "Its perfect. Thank you so much." I hugged him. " I couldn't could ask for." He suddenly let me go and held me on my shoulders.

"Nothing? Even a gorgeous guy! He said as if he heard a curse or taboo word from me.

I shook my head. Here he goes again and his eccentric ideas. I just shook my head.

"Not a chance. Alright." I said humorously

"Dont you know that the restaurant owner is really H-O-T! I was planning to introduce you to him!" Exclaimed as if trying to be a desperate cupid. I raised my brow and gave him a look like he said the dumbest thing in the world.

"Seriously Mia."

"You could have him." I said showing I really dont give a damn.

"You should be honored that a gay is giving a way his prospect to a rival! Gah! You are really hopeless and weird! He conceded and gave me a mocking smile. Then we laughed.

"Where's the birthday boy?" I heard a familiar voice. Shilo ran thrillingly toward the newly arrived guest. My son is very excited to see him.

"Hey you're already a big man! Did you miss Uncle Adrian" Adrian while carrying Shilo. Shilo of course excitedly answered then Devon appeared from his back, he is Adrian's 7 year old son. The two kids went inside to play while Adrian walked towards us.

"Hey beautiful ladies quite a party you have here" Adrian said as he approached us.

" Adrian! Charming as ever!" Carlie said can't hide the appreciation in his voice. He really fantasied Adrian from the beginning.

I was about to say something when my eyes caught a sight of something...

Why is he here.....?

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