Niall Horan Imagine- Harry Styles is cheating on you...

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                                           It's February 1st {Harry's Birthday}

Y/N-  Harry! I'm Home!

Harry- ...

Y/N- Harry... Are you home??

So you get worried and go upstairs to "You and Harry's bedroom" But the second when you touch the door knob, Harry opens the door

Y/N- Harry, where is your shirt and pants?!

Harry- Oh... Erm... Well I just woke up and I was heading for the shower...

Y/N- Oh. Well, anyway, I got your birthday gift!

You got Harry and big frame with you and his best memories on it because he loved you and his pictures

Y/N- Harry! Are you done yet?

Harry- No!

So, while Harry was it the "shower" you finished frosting his birthday cake. And went upstairs to go and get him because you heard the shower turn off 5 minutes ago. So you grabbed your birthday present for Harry and walked upstairs and when you open the door, you see your best friend forever making out with Harry- they both look like they are enjoying it

                                                        ~Your Point Of View~

You couldn't believe that your boyfriend Harry you've been with for 2 and a half years had used you for your best friend forever since you two were 4. {Your best friend's name is in Y/B/F}.

Harry- *moaning, moaning, moaning, moaning*

Y/B/F- *giggle* Harry, Your so funny...

Harry- Mmmm, your so cute.

                        ~Next thing you know is Harry's phone goes off- Liam is calling~

Harry and Liam talk for about 4-5 minutes then Harry puts his phone down and jumps on your best friend.

Y/B/F- Harry, ok stop... What time is it?

Harry- Mmm, didn't look- OH SNAP! Y/N'S GONNA BE IN THE ROOM ANY MINUTE!

That's when you walk into the room and say:

Y/N- No. I've been watching you ever since... And *tears start falling* and, Y/B/F, I thought you liked Max? And Harry? I loved you so much and now. Your just a stranger with memories with me.

Harry- No Y/N, I can explain. Honest- *You cut Harry off and say:*


~As you run downstairs, Harry follows you and he sees all the decorations you've made for his birthday. You grab your bag and phone and run out the house. As your about to call your best friend, you remembered that she was making out with "your" boyfriend.~

                                                         ~Your Point Of View~

So you called Niall, {Your best your friend} and told him to come over to Harry's house to pick you up


Niall- Y/N, what happened?!? =O

Y/N- N- nothing Niall. Just... just lets go to you house and I'll tell you.

Niall- =}


                                                               End of Part 1!!!

                                                  {Part 2 up before December 22}

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