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Harry's POV

I took her upstairs to the blue and black bed room she smiled

"Thank God it's not pink" I chuckled "This is my room?"



"It's nothing special but... hang on why wow?"

"Because this room is amazing"

"What was it like? With dad" she looked a bit unsure then slowly sat next to me

"I seem had a room it wasn't like this... it was in the basement... the bed was always dirty he used to tie me to the bed and lock me in... I wasn't allowed out..."

"Not even for school?"

"I never went to school" I was shocked

"Do you know how to read" she shook her head

"I can but nor very well"


"Yeah I can do that I used to to pass the time"

"How long was you there?"

"As long as I can remember" she looked down

"Well what do you like? I mean music"

"Ed sheeran some times dad leaves the stereo on and I can hear it"

"So you don't like one direction"

"One what?" My jaw dropped she's a teenage girl and she doesn't know what one direction is?!

"Direction... Erm it's a band their music is... decent... they can't dance though"

"They sound ok..."

" your my sister"

"Yeah did you know... I mean before today?"

"No I found out this morning you?"

"About half an hour ago"

"Damn it must be scary for you to come into a house and not know anyone"

"Not really I've been in care for a while there was no one to have me after I got away from dad he found me then bam in the basement again"

"Well I promise your gonna have a good life here"

"I hope so"

"Listen there's clean clothes in the wardrobe and I'll get you a towel if you want a shower or bath"

"That would be nice.... thank you"

"This is your home now don't worry me and the boys will look after you" I gave her a towel and left the room. She reminds me of myself when I lived with dad.

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