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Mixed minds ch 5 (JxR love story)

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I ran trying to get there as fast as i could. Somehow i knew this was my fault. I never should've left her alone i should have been there for her. 

Jake there's more bad news. Sam said to me.

What do you mean more 'bad news' Sam. I growled.

Her physical wounds are healing. Sam sounded unsure to say the rest.

Damnit Sam just talk. I started to run faster and i was so close to the Cullens house and i could smell the blood.

She gone as in her body remains alive but her soul isn't there. He said werily.

What the hell does that mean Sam?

We don't know we think her soul was shattered at some point through all the pain and depression.

I stopped my head was spinning. How could this happen? And how could i help get her back?


I look at the sky its bright and warm and it feels safe here. I sit up and look around. Where is my family? Something isn't right. 

"Jake?" I said and as i did i saw that my words were in pretty puffy and colorful clouds.

Just where the hell am i?


I run into the Cullen's house angry. I glare at Edward.

"honestly this is your fault blood sucker!' i yelled at him.

"don't you think i know that!!" He sounded like i  just killed him or something.

"I never should've taken you away from her. Jake, i am sorry."

I growled. "no matter how much you apologize i WILL NOT forgive you!" I went straight to Bella and Esme.

"how did this happen?" i looked sad and upset.

"we don't know. All we know is that she was completely torn over what happened to you she kinda did fall for you and I know you imprinted with her but i didn't want you to be with her at all. Now I think we should have left you two alone. I'm sorry Jake." Bella cried a tearless sob.

"I might know how to get her back but i need her body to go with me to the rez." I knew i could do something for her. I know the legends are true. I know it might be impossible. But i am sure as hell gonna try.

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