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Mary Alice Whitlock Cullen  

A loving daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife and pixie.  

Our sweet, independent and kind daughter. We miss you greatly.” ~Carlisle & Esme~  

“A fashion lover and laughable midget. Always in our hearts squirt.” ~Rosalie & Emmett~  

An understanding sister and trustworthy best friend. We miss your smile and stubborn sense for fashion.” ~Edward &Bella~  

“A playful and energetic aunt and an unstoppable force of nature. Never far from our minds.” ~Renesmee & Jacob~  

“My heart, my mind, my soul. My Alice. I love you, forever and always.” ~Jasper~  

Rest thy dancing feet and calm thy gentle mind. In our future, visions of you, always will you find.  


There was a man knelt in front of the large grey gravestone.

His long pale fingers were tracing the gold inscriptions over and over again. Flowers were arranged in a pretty display around the base of the stone.  

The man’s face was pinched and his jaw was set. The blonde locks on his head covered his eyes. In his hand, he held a bundle of tulips.  

Red tulips: undying love.  

He gently laid them on the slab of rock holding the gravestone in place.  

A girl with straight blonde hair and gold eyes kneeled behind him wrapping her arms around his shoulders. The man shook and bowed his head letting out choked sobs as his fingers brushed over the gold lettering, “My Alice.”  

“Jasper,” the girl whispered in his ear.  

The man didn’t react at all.  

“Jasper,” she whispered again, moving to his side.  

The dim light of the clouded sky reflected the sparkle of a ring on the ring finger of her left hand.  

“Jasper, Esme is asking for you. Your brother is doing a horrible job on the planning. Since you grew up in the 1800’s, can you help plan our wedding? You would do a much better job.”  

The man stood up and the girl hugged him tightly, kissing him on the cheek.

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