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//Hey yall a few people here and over on ao3 wanted me to bring back this story and finish is so im gonna! Haha however now I'm more used to writing it probably gonna be better paced and spaced out as I have a bit more writing expertise now so enjoy!//

George pov

George fidgeted around, still panting from what had just happened.
He quickly pulled off his headphones and got up storming to the bathroom.
Turning on the tap he splashes cold water onto his face; you could almost hear the sizzling of the cold against his hot cheeks.

Taking a deep breath and wiping his face with a soft blue towel, he looked into the mirror at his flustered expression.
"Your a mess George" he says to himself looking over his body; messy hair, bright red face and sweaty.
Tingles linger down his neck, jawline and his lips throbbed.
He brought his fingers up to his mouth resting them there softly, closing his eyes and tracing a finger tip down his jaw and onto his neck and collar bone rembering the experience. Entranced by how real the situation felt and how close Clay was..... 'Close?' Georges eyes shot open looking at himself
"how..." he pauses briefly confused "how can he feel so close when he's 4000 miles away?" the words sounded abstract leaving his lips.
The whole situation was just to weird for him to handle right now.

George walked into the kitchen and made himself his second cup of tea for the day, before walking over the the arm chair and turning on Netflix. Sitting cutely with his legs up warm cup or tea in hand.
"Shit" through the haze George had forgotten that he ubruptly ended the stream in his accident. Grabbing his phone he opens Twitter imminently drafting a post saying
●Hey guys sorry about earlier I wasn't feeling very we which is was I was acting strange... I didn't get much sleep last night! ☹ also my power decided it would spontaneously go out (thanks weather!) which caused my pc to shut off and end the stream im so sorry will make it up to you guys tomorrow 🙂●
"There that will have to do" he sigh and yawn softly zoning out at the TV screen flashing colours onto his face, in the darkening room as the sun set.

He startles out if his Netflix trace ass the phone in his lap vibrates, screen illuminating.
▪︎message from ♡Dream♡▪︎
He swallow hard picking up the phone and unlocking it.
Clicking on Dreams message it reads a simple 'im sorry' which sends a sharp pain through Georges chest.
"Sorry?" he mumbles ot himself
'Does that mean he regrets it?'; There's those intrusive thoughts again. "Why do I care..." he says softly to himself snuggling down further into the armchair trying to come up with something to say.
Difference responses with pros and cons flick through his brain he could say 'its fine' but that comes across to cold. He could make it a joke with something like 'so not cool dude now the fans will never stop shipping us' but it might come off uncaring, as Dream seemed scarily serious...'serious', a blush shot its way across the brunettes pale cheeks. "He sounded so serious" Georges heart started racing again and without thinking he hit the call button.

"Hello?" Dreams voice sounded husky like the just woke up.

"I- im sorry did I wake you?" Georges britsh accent in a much softer tone than usual made Dream shoot up.

"George?!" He clear his throat rubbing his eyes and calming himself down. "Hey you alright?"

George blushed at the exitment in his tone, pulling a blanket next to him over himself and snuggling down. "I'm fine I just-" his words cut off wondering to himself why he actually did call.

"You just?" Dream said sleepily but eith anticipation

"..wanted to hear your voice" he mumbles softly under his voice hiding his head in the blanket.

Dream heard, eyes widening as a smile crept its way across his face cheeks tinted pink.
"What was that Georgie?..." he said vheekily pretending he didn't  hear.

George let out an annoyed huff before saying louder "I just wanted to talk to you okay!"

Dreams smile grew and so did his blush but he didn't want to get himself to hopeful. God he loved George and coming to that realization made moments eith him so much sweeter.
After a few moments of silence Dream asked "..what happened with the stream earlier?"

George froze, obviously Dream hadn't been awake to read his tweet, he pause for a moment wondering if he should tell Drean the truth but just response with.
"The power went out...cause of the weather"

Dreams eyebrow shot up, he could tell George was lying, he always could George had a specific tone to his voice that Dream was well skilled in picking up. "Mmhmm" he says unbelieving

"Wot" George says annoyed british showing through with the word.

"What actually happened Mr clear skies all week" He said cockily hearing George let out a little gasp.

George covered his face further into the blanket; Letting out annoyed noises.

"Georgie?" Dream said sounding persistent but also concerned

"Ahggg! It was your fault! You were saying all those weird things and I kicked my power board unplugged!" George snapped

A sharp pain shot through Dreams chest washing away the joking mood, he lay back down pulling the covers up over him. "...weird" he says softly barley audible ".....sorry" feeling his eyes start to glaze over again.

"Thats not what i-" George starts to say voice instantly apologetic.

"You don't have to explain yourself George its fine" Drean says dismissively words laced with hurt.

After a few moments of silence George speaks again softly.
"I want to...Dream I didn't mean that..honest" he sighs and rubs his forehead softly. "Your words were kind...i- " he pause blushing again, "i liked them....its just the whole situation was weird its like I could- could"

"Feel you?" Dream chirped in supplying.

"Yea!" George replied sitting up straighter at the mutual understanding. His heart began to race again rembering the way it had felt.
"I don't really understand but I felt- i feel...connected to you"

A needed silence dwells int he calm for a moment feeling as if there hearts were beating in sync.
Dream cleared his throat softly before speaking.
" don't think I'm weird?"

"Wh- haha of course not" Geogre laughed at the question, he had just told Dream he liked it when he complimented him and the blonde was still caught up on the weird comment.
"Dream i think you're amazing" he said softly before covering his own mouth.

Dream felt his cheeks start to bring burrowing his face into his pillow for a moment wiggling around in a sort of happy stim.
He calms himself and tries to speak calming. "I think you're amazing too...hey Georgie?"

The brit could hear his friend excitement know how he can get with his adhd and honestly finding it adorable. "Yea dreamy?" He says cutely in a caring voice.

"Umm- are you..."
He pause thinking about his words carefully not wanting to cross any lines.

George raises an eyebrow staring at his phone with anticipation "am I??"

Dream blurted fidgeting around nervously awaiting the answer, wanting to know if he has any chance at all.

The pinkies lingering on his cheeks multiplied up to Georges ears darkening a few shades. He tried to speak but words couldn't seem to form "i-i dont-"

"No its okay don't worry you don't have to force yourself to tell me its just I"

"No no its okay umm I just i don't really know" George blurted him now also fidgeting "I thought i was but...."

"But?" Dream repeated back to him, not pushly but trying to hold on the glimmer of hope still lingering in his chest.

George summons the courage tone of voice quiet and serious
"You're different...."

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