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Omg 5 seconds of summer are coming to our school , what if they are horrible and they bully me too , the paparazzi. Why would they want to take a picture of an ugly depressed girl . I'm freaking out , I feel dizzy, faint omg it's an anxiety attacking. I haven't had one of these in years ever since my dad .... Never mind . Im clicked out of my thought when the last bell of the day goes ! Finally I can get out of here. I rushed out of the class room and started walking home.

When I arrived home I was greated by my mother " hello sweety , how was school? " " it was great mum" I lied putting on a fake smile running up stairs. I made it to my room and opened my laptop. My heart sank seeing I had been tagged in a photo by Jess . My heart sank to my stomach and I felt like I was going to be sick. I quickly clicked and watched it. My eyes were starting to fill when I saw the caption to video " fat pig being abused" it was a video of me this morning being beaten by Tyler. Everyone was commenting

Ahaha animal abuse

She looks like a fat pig with the pink hair

She should just go kill herself already

That last comment got me , I ran into the bath room and grabbed my razor that brung back memories, and I connected it to my wrist 9 times -
This is for being fat , ugly , worthless , depressed , friendless , pig , unlikable, lonely ,lost

I sat there for a while bawling my eyes think why does this happen to me . I cleaned my cuts up and crawled into bed over thinking about tomorrow and how it will end . I put in my earphones, playing green day ' wake me up when September ends' and i slowly drifted off to sleep.

- Morning-

I woke up to the sound of my Alarm clock I really didn't want to get up today , then I suddenly realised TODAYS IS THE DAY 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER ARE COMING TO SCHOOL !!!!!!!! I quickly jumped in the shower being careful of my arm because it was still sore from last nights events and I shaved and washed my pink hair. I got out and quickly changes into my outfit. Today was a really warm day so I decided to wear my light blue ripped skinny jeans and my white loose tank top , I put my pink hair in a bun and I decided to wear my ray bans I also put on lots of bracelets to hid my arm . I applied some foundation, eyeliner and mascara to make my deep brown eyes pop. (^^^^ whole outfit on first page) today was the day I could meet 5 seconds of summer or I could be humiliated in front of them.


I arrived at school and everyone  was rushing around  and waiting by the front doors , pushing and people were falling  over . I didn't want to go thought that hurdle of animal so I decided to go round the back ! No one knows about my back entrance  , I go around this way quite often . While on my way around the back I kept thinking that 5 seconds of summer are coming ! It feels so unreal ...yes I'm excited , really REALLY excited . But I'm also really really scared and nervous.  Will people become really nice to me or will they (big gulp) turn more nasty

When I got to the back entrance , I quickly turned the door knob  hoping no one saw me , right as the door unclicked - the sound of someone clearing their throat came from behind me . I turned around slowly on my heals only to reveal ......HIM

Hey guys , my I pad is broken so its off getting fixed! I won't be able to update for about a week ! Hope you like sorry for any mistakes

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