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Bored at school? Here are somethings to do to have a little fun in you classes.
Question of the chapter:
Whats you crush's/ boyfriend's initials?
•Bring a vacuum cleaner or broom to class and just start cleaning the class and mumble something about how you can't possibly work in sugh a pig sty.

•Yell out loudly in class at a completely random time: "When I grow up, I wanna become a PIMP!"

•Like, say "like" a lot... like that.
Tell the teacher that there is a disturbance in The Force.

•Get everyone to call the teacher the reverse of their name. For example, if it's Mr Jones, call him Senoj Rm.

•Bring a chocolate with you, then run to the bathroom and smear the chocolate all over your hand. Then go back to class and say "there wasn't any toilet paper".

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