"Ow what's with all the pinching." He whines rubbing his stomach.

"Oh suck it up you big baby." I tease. He pulls me down.

"Yeah but you love this big baby." He says kissing my nose and grabbing my ass.

"That I do ass." I huff leaning further down kissing him passionately just as we are about to get something started the snooze goes off. We both groan as he reaches over turning it off.

"Damn Jess if you hadn't of wanted to talk we could have had a quickie." He says. I laugh at him shaking my head.

"Yeah right five minutes wouldn't of even gotten us started on the quickie." I tell him truthfully.

"True alright let's go take a shower and then school." He says with a disgusted face. I snicker getting up.

"Come on babe I'll let you wash me." I say pulling his arm. Well after that I didn't need to pull his arm anymore. He was up in an instant scooping me up making my scream in surprise while he laughs. He walks us into the bathroom setting me down getting the shower and our towels ready. When everything is done he pulls back the door letting me in first.

"Your going to have to smell like me today." He tells me. I look at him wondering why when it hits me. So I just shrug.

"So I like smelling like you." I tell him truthfully.

"I'm sorry." He says.

"It doesn't matter now." I tell him standing on my tippy toes to give him a quick kiss. He nods and starts washing me. I mean every inch of me. Why he likes washing me is beyond me. When he gets done he does himself real quick. Then he towels us off when I realize I don't have any extra clothes. "I have no clothes." I tell him. He looks up at me and shrugs.

"Wear something of mine." He says like its obvious.

"Uh I have no bra and panties." I tell him. Which that was a mistake. He walks over to me grabbing my ass pulling me to him roughly and starts kissing me down my neck.

"You in my clothes no panties or bra I really don't think I'll get any work done. I'll just be thinking about you naked underneath my clothes." He tells me in between kisses. I groan.

"Late Seth." I remind him. He sighs pulling away.

"Fine fine." He huffs. I just shake my head smiling. The man is a walking hard on but my walking hard on. Just as we walk out of the bathroom there's a knock on Seth's door. He looks at me confused and I just shrug because I have no clue who it is.

"Open the door I got something for Jesse!" I hear Ang yell. Seth walks over to open the door letting her in. She holds up a trash bag. "Here's your stuff." She says handing it to me. "I would have brought it over yesterday but the noises I heard coming from here I thought uh no." She says laughing.

" Shut up hoe." I huff taking the bag away from here. "A garbage bag really Seth? Couldn't you put my stuff in a box?" I ask him.

"Does it look like I have boxes just laying around here?" He huffs. I just shake my head dumping it out on his bed.

"Thanks Ang I really needed this." I say holding up bra and panties.

"Aww man your not going to be naked underneath my clothes." Seth whines while I put them on.

"Or mine." I say laughing putting on my clothes. He rolls his eyes while getting dressed in front of Ang. Yeah not bashful at all.

"So everything good here?" Ang ask me.

"Yeah it's all good." I answer smiling.

"Good now Seth you hurt her again I'll cut off your dick." She threatens him. Oh what a real threat there Ang I think rolling my eyes.

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