Chapter 8

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I wake up the next morning surprisingly before Seth does with me pretty much on top of him. I look up at the clock noticing we still have a few minutes before we actually have to wake up so I gently roll off of him trying not to wake him up but as soon as I'm off of him he scoots instantly snuggling up to me. I quietly laugh putting my hands on my belly. I look up at Seth thinking about last night and that we are finally back together and the amazing love making that we both share. Who knew that could be just an fulfilling as rough sex. I look down at my stomach running my hands over it and think that Seth and I are going to have a baby. I look back up him smiling at the thought of having his child. He opens his eyes smiling down at me.

"Good morning beautiful." He whispers and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. He breaks the kiss kissing me to my ear. "I am so in love with you Jesse baby!" He whispers in my ear. I moan loving him saying that.

"I'm so in love with you too." I tell him. He gives me a another passionate kiss putting his hand over mine. He breaks the kiss.

"You think we made a little you?" He ask me.

"No but I'm hoping we made a little you." I tell him. He shakes his head no.

"Nah I want a little you." He tells me. I roll over on my side wrapping my arm around his neck getting close to his lips.

"Well I want a little you and whatever I want remember?" I whisper then kissing him passionately. He moans rolling me over on my back fixing to get something started just as the alarm goes off. Both of us groan as he pulls away turning it off. He rolls back over putting an arm around my waist.

"Another ditch day?" He ask with hope. I laugh at him shaking my head.

"No I can't miss anymore school." I tell him. He groans laying his head on my chest.

"Yeah neither can I but I'd rather stay in bed with you." He tells me as I play with his hair.

"Me to but we got the wonderful world of school to attend or I'm not going to graduate this year." I say sighing.

"Neither am I." He says.

"What do you mean? Why wouldn't you graduate?" I ask him.

"Ummm I've missed several....well a lot of classes, you know not doing my work." He says with a shrug. My jaw dropped in shock. He has always been so school.

"What the hell Seth?!" I yell at him pulling his hair.

"Ow it's your fault anyway." He says lifting his head up smiling. So I know he is teasing me. "If you would have been around to let me get down down your pants I wouldn't of missed my classes jacking off to a picture of you." He says. My jaw drops as he says this. I flip up us over so I'm straddling his stomach and holding down his arms.

"Your not blaming this on me are you?" I ask.

"Well kinda because you know it takes me hellva lot longer to get off using my hand. If you would of been around I could of just used you to get off and be done and I could of went to my classes." He tells me seriously but I could see the smile playing on his lips.

"So your Just using me?" I ask.

"Of course your my way to straight A's." He says.

"Your an ass Seth." I say the quickly pinch his nipples.

"Ow only during rough sex babe." He says rubbing his nipples.

"Oh your not getting any anymore." I tell him.

"Oh the making love will work just as well." He says winking.

"Your not getting neither." I say pinching his stomach.

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