Chapter Forty-One

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2 days ago...

Simon's POV

I woke up as I started suffocating. We were in the water as I only saw Zach at the front seat, Dean and (y/n) were both missing and panic began to rise. The seat belt were tied tightly to my waist, I began to swiftly untie it but it was too tight. I looked around and saw a shard of broken glass floating at the ceiling of the car. I immediately took it and began cutting the seatbelt, but it was not sharp enough. I felt irritate and diminish with hope.

As I felt myself giving up, I heard (y/n)'s voice echoing inside my head. She was the only source of strength I had in me as I began to untangle the seatbelt, using the shard as support. I felt my breath coming short as I stopped myself from feeling the panic and focus on untangling this seat belt.

After what felt like forever, it finally broke. I quickly got out of the car and went up to shore, gasping for air as the sun hits my eyes. I looked around and saw no sign of Dean and (y/n). I swam back down and untied Zach from his seatbelt as I carried his unconscious body up to shore.

I laid him at the ground as I place my ear next to his mouth. I couldn't hear him nor feel his breath. "Come on, Zach." I whispered to myself as I checked his pulse. I paused for a mere 10 seconds but only to feel nothing. I began to do CPR, doing everything I can to save him. As every second passes by, the more hope I felt draining away from my body.

I felt the hopelessness in me, and I did not like one single bite it gave me from inside. I felt my tears started to form my eyes, my sight getting blurred. And as I thought of the end, I heard Zach gasping for air. He rolled to his side and coughed out water.

I let out a big sigh and sat down on the ground. Zach looked at me, "Are you crying?" He asks. I chuckle "No." I replied back, denying the fact as another tear fell down. Zach gave me a huge as my eyes went wide, "I know that you're suffering, Simon. And I know that you want this to end as much as I do." He said with comfort, flashing me back to when my I felt my own father's hands hugging me.

He lets go of me and fist bump my shoulder. "Cheer up, Simon. We'll find them." he said with a smile on his face as he stood up. "Thanks..." I replied back while standing up. We looked around and I sigh, "Back to scratch again. How will we find them now?" I ask in defeat, "We wait." Zach said as he sat down and I looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean wait? We have to do something, Zach. You don't know what he will do to his brother and (y/n)!" I said in a loud tone, my paranoia kicking in.

I couldn't keep my cool composure attained, and I didn't know what to expect of Zach. "Surely nothing. For the long time I had worked for Leo, his weakness was (y/n) and Dean," Zach shrugged his shoulders as he continued, "Leo may be a monster, but he still has a bit of a heart..but not that big." He said and I sigh. "That's not the point, Zach. We can't just wait here and let something happen." I replied back.

"We have no choice, they won't be able to find us." Zach sighs as I felt confused from what he said, "What do you mean?" I asked and Zach looked at me through the eyes, "Your sister, Violet is coming. So will madame Abi and..." Zach paused for a moment and I looked at him with eager. He sighs, "(Y/n)'s father. Surely you know how much capabilities he has." he finally said. I sat down and looked at him once again, No, no I do not." I replied back.

"Well, in a quick summary..he was good friend's of Leo's father from what I've heard, he fell for Leonardo's wife madame Abi. (Y/n)'s mother found out and got a divorce with him, and soon after Leonardo found out and tried to kill him. Both powerful people fighting for one woman, one whose sane and one whose insane. You know how the rest goes..." Zach explained as I looked at the ground, "Then, sir Louis must be (y/n)'s step father, no?" I ask as Zach nod his head.

"How did you know this, Zach?" I ask once again, "I attained it myself and a bit of help of other people. Leo loved (y/n) since high school." he answered back, "But they knew each other since college." I replied with confusion. Zach shrugged his shoulders and looked at the river that we had just fought for our life for. "Life has many surprises, Simon." He said as he closed his eyes.

"What's the name of (y/n)'s father?' I asked.

Calore Evans

Calore Evans

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