Bella's POV

I woke up to someone knocking on the door. "Bella, open the door" It was Nat "Oh my god, what happened?" There were tissues all over the floor. Nat walked into the bathroom "What the fuck Bella, why would you do that?" Nat asked me "I felt like it okay" "Bella you cant do that, how many? "5" "Okay lets talk" I sat on the bed and Nat sat beside me. "Jacob cheated on me" I blurt out "I am so sorry Bella. But cutting can't be your solution. Let me see your wrists" I hid my arms behind my back. "This is serious" I let her look at my wrists. "Bella, this is more than 5" "I know" "here let me help you" Nat grabbed band-aids from her bag and gently wiped my cuts with a damp towel. There was blood all over my arm. I put my sweatshirt on.

"I am going to go downstairs to get some chips and then we can watch movies, just the 2 of us" Nat said.

Nat's POV

How could he be such a fucking asshole. I went downstairs and grabbed the chips. "Hey Nat, how's Bella" Jacob asked me "She's horrible because of you and your fucking fans. You broke her heart." "Can I just explain..." "No you can't" I went to Trevor "I'll be in my room with Bella all day" "can I come join you?" "No sorry, it should just be the 2 of us. Girls take heart breaks hard." I got upstairs and put the chips infront of Bella. She was starring at the wall. "The hate is really bad, Nat" "I know Bella, I'm getting tons of it. Remember when we were 12 and you always said that nobody likes Trevor?" "yeah, why?" "I hate to burst your bubbe but I think a lot of girls like Trevor"

Bella's POV

Nat and I were just talking about anything and everything when there was a knock on the door. It sounded like a secret code because Nat got up and answered it "I thought Maya could help chear you up" Nat explained "Maya can always chear me up" "I know thats why shes here" Maya came in and came over to me. "I think i'll try to be serious just for you Bella" Maya said. I started laughing so hard. "Maya, you never fail to amuse me. Like serious Maya, thats impossible"

We talked for a while. "We should watch a movie" Nat said "The Heat" Maya screamed "Yaaaaaas bish" Nat said. She grabbed her laptop and went on Netflix.

After the movie there was a knock "Who is it now?" I asked "I don't know" Nat responded. She got up and opened the door. It was Trevor and Matt, no suprise there. "Hey babe" Trevor said "I told you before, now go. I'll see you later. Bella's in pain" She tried closing the door but Trevor's foot was in the way. "Trevor" Nat said in anoyance. "One kiss?" Nat shook her head "Please?" "Fine, but not here" He grabbed her hand and they left. "Maya?" Matt said "When Nat comes back, I don't want Bella to be alone" "fine"

Nat came back and Maya left. Soon Maya came back. We watched more movies and ate lots of chips, Nat had to make 2 more trips to get more chips. It was getting late, and I was feeling more tired. Today was the best break up recovery ever. I didn't even think about Jacob once.

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