All bad

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I'm still nervous about him.About Matthew,I have no idea what he'll be like around me.I just hope it goes well.I get ready to go out,greet my parents and eat food.Then I go to the park to meet Matt.
--2mins later--
I get to the park gates and instantly see a tall,dirty-blonde hair boy who I recognised at Matthew.
He ran over to and embraced me in a hug.weird."uh hi Matthew"I say.He pulls away and says"Hi y/n"."uh hi Matt"I say."so what do Ya wanna do?hang out with my friends,mess around?"Matt asks."your friends are here?"I ask."sure but we don't have to go with them"Matt says a little bluntly."No thanks"I say."ok well can I ask you something?"Matt says."sure"I reply."hang out with me tomorrow,I'll come to all your classes"Matt asks."But won't you get in trouble"I say stupidly knowing he's a bad boy."sure,it's partly why I wanna do it"He replies."sure"I say."so I heard that you dated Jc"Matthew says."where did you hear that"I ask."Taylor over heard you guys"Matt says."Oh yeah but that was over a year ago."I say."Oh really?Well he can't have you now."Matt chuckles to himself."what's that suppose to mean?"I ask."Nothing"Matt says."oh ok?so let's go down by that river not far from this park,it has benches and small bridges if I'm not mistaken?"I ask."sure,you're so cute y/n"Matthew says."oh thankyou"I blush.he really is different.Would have never had thought that he could be so sweet.Matt then interrupts my thoughts by asking"so your from LA huh?"."Sure..How did you know?"I ask."Come on,I kinda know everything about everyone.Like the basics."He says cockily."oh,yeah I moved here because my dad changed work places"I said."oh really,I'm glad you did move here"Matt says with a smile.

It's short because I wanted to update and I'll be making a part two.Basically if you guys want to suggest what happens then I'd love that!💖

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