Chapter 18 - Derek

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"This is my home," I said, my voice soft, "I wish I never tried to run away, if only I knew then what I would have now. I love you too... Master." I said with a comforting smile. He chuckled and let his fingers slide onto my face to pull me in. The pressure on my lips brought me to life, a feeling that nothing could ever compare to. I pushed into him, my body seeming to fit perfectly against his. His arms cradled under my own, pulling me up as he stood. He shut the doors swiftly with one hand, going over to the red leather sofa.

He laid me on my back, pushing his torso against my lower region. He kissed down my chin, reaching my neck. He gently bit my collar bone, making a moan bubble up my throat. This excited me more than ever before, hot electricity burning my chest, making my breath quickly shallow. I loved him, and I wanted more.

One of his hands snaked under my shirt, running up my chest and leaving trails of hot sparks. Another hand slipped under my shirt, and I lifted my arms. Blue fabric blocked my vision for only a second, his face only a few inches from mine.

His ocean blue eyes mesmerized me, my mother's smile and sweet voice collecting in my mind. I never really knew her, but I know she loved me. Derek's eyes weren't hers, but they were a beautiful reminder that I was loved, by someone I lost and who I was with now.

Derek loved me, and it was wonderful to be loved in such a way that no one else could. My heart couldn't stop beating so hard, and I didn't want it to. All the times he insinuated sexual actions I was terrified, but now was entirely different.

I loved him, whether it be some kind of Stockholm syndrome or not, I wanted him to be in this moment with me, to know what it is to be loved. Just because I was an angel didn't mean he had to be a demon. He was a prince, lonely in his large castle only filled with servants.

"Angel? Are you okay?" he asked, bringing me back to his beautiful face. His breath tickled my cheeks, his dark hair like cool feathers as it lightly touched my forehead. I blinked and let my fingers run through his hair.

"How could I not be? I want this Derek, I want you." I said, my eyes roaming his face for a sign of hesitation or regret. There was none, and I doubt there ever would be. His eyes held mine for a second before leaning in again, our lips moving in a rhythm that felt too good to be real.

The kiss quickened, my body heating up. Derek released my lips, kissing down my chest and stopping at my heart. He kissed around my nipple, teasing me as he neared it. He gave it a tender lick, then gently biting it. I moaned, my body becoming hotter and butterflies seemed to trickle all around my body.

He slipped off his shirt and migrated from my chest and reached the jeans supplied for me when I was brought here. He unbuttoned them and pulled them off my slender legs. I felt uncomfortable in just my boxers, almost ashamed of my lower region.

His fingers slid into my boxers, chills forming on my skin. He pulled them at an agonizingly slow speed off me, my whole self revealed. My face heated up, embarrassed of myself in its full glory. He looked at my worried expression and brought himself back up to my face.

He kissed my forehead and then my lips, pulling back for an approval of some sort. I nodded and he went back down. I hadn't realized that I had closed my legs shut when he gently pulled them apart, his hands warm on my thighs.

He wrapped a hand around it, my body shuddering from the sudden touch. Everything got warmer and harder to stand as he licked and sucked on it.

My body felt squeamish, already about to give in only after a few minutes. Moans escaped my mouth, my breathing shallowing and my heart beating a thousand miles a second.

Waves of high pressure radiated from where his hand caressed me. His warm tongue touched me one last time before I hit my climax. I couldn't stop it as I moaned louder than I ever had before, everything in my body seeming to stop working as everything was tuned out.

After a few seconds I was back in the moment, Derek above me once again. I didn't see any evidence of me on him, and I didn't care to know exactly where it went.

"I'll be right back." he said, leaving the room for not even ten seconds before returning with a bottle of what seemed like gel. Why did he even have that? I decided I would ask him after this was all over.

I could tell from the bulge in his jeans he was hard, and I knew what was coming next. He came back over to me, setting the lube aside for now. He ran his hands all over me, my body forming goosebumps.

"You ready?" he asked, giving me a questionable look. I nodded, still panting. He stood in front of me, pulling off the remainder of his clothes. I told myself not to look at it, but there it was. He positioned himself between my legs, a large bulge touching my inner thigh.

I saw him squirt some lube on his fingers, getting dangerously close to my danger zone. I felt the cold liquid on his finger for only a second before it was inside me. I quickly pulled my hands to my mouth, not in pain but it surprise. It moved inside me, another finger slipping in. I moaned and gasped, everything going on too new to comprehend.

My heavy eyes met his, giving him the alright. He leaned in close, grabbing my hand and kissing my knuckles. I felt the tip of it enter me, and I gasped, my hand clenching his. His fingers slipped into my own, his body slowly pushing into mine.

I couldn't breathe as he started to pull back and then forward again. His other hand found mine, both of our hands interlocked. My arms moved above my head with his, his lips landing kisses on my neck. He sped up, his soft grunts filling my ears and my moans gaining volume.

The feeling was unbearable, my legs wrapped around his back. I felt myself building up again, every thrust he made making a hot pleasurable feeling surge through me.

The chilled air around me didn't help as our body heat combined. I was fully hard again, my climax near. I panted hard, Derek's hot breath on my neck the same pace as mine. My fingers dug into Derek's hands, everything building up quickly.

I couldn't last another second, and neither could he. I let go of it all, arching my back as a hot and sticky substance got on us both. I dropped myself back onto the leather. He still thrusted into me for another few seconds before I felt him cum inside me.

His body rested on top of mine for a seconds before slipping out of me and resting next to me. I turned my head, his face eye level with mine. I scooted closer to him, my lips lightly touching his. He chuckled and placed his forehead against mine.

"That was..." I tried to explain everything I just felt then.

"Wonderful." he finished for me. I sighed happily and let him wrap his arms around me. "I can't believe you came twice. I don't think I'd be able to go another round." He teased. I blushed, surprised that I could still feel heat with how hot I was.

"Shut up..." I said, avoiding his gaze. He chuckled and placed his hand on my cheek.

"Angel, I love you more than you might think." he said, my eyes finding his again.

"I know. I love you too." I said, pecking his lips and then resting my head on his chest. I couldn't hear his heart beat from this side, but I'm sure it was beating just as hard as mine.

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