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Cindy's P.O.V:

"Wow! Cindy!" Mrs. Lee exclaims as I get up from my chair at the salon at the mall. She turns me around with her hand on my shoulders."You look beautiful!" She beams at me. I give her a nervous smile. I can't believe all of this is happening.

Changing my name, being in custody of my late dad's closest friend, moving into this lady's house, and becoming a different person. All for a new life.

"My secret will be between us two...right?" I say anxiously. She lets out a sigh and puts a hand on my shoulder.

"Of course Jin Hee. I promise you I won't let out your secret and I will give a brand new life that will make you happy. This is what your dad wanted for you before he passed. We are family now, Cindy." She smiles. I smile back.


"This is your new room! All for Miss. Cindy Oh!" Mrs. Lee says in a singsongy voice. "Take a look around to see if you need anything else." I open he door to my bedroom in Mrs. Lee's house. As soon as I step into my apartment I let out a gasp.

"It's so...pink." I say in a daze, staring at all the brand new couch and furniture. My pink closet is filled with new and luxury clothing, and my table is filled with makeup and accessories. My personal things I decided to keep are in pink boxes under my pink bed.

Mrs. Lee is one rich lady. I wonder why dad never mentioned her before.

"T-thank you so much." I force a smile. Well, this is something I'll get used to.

"I'm so glad you like it! We're having dinner at this restaurant at six. There will be a family gathering that will formally introduce you to our family." She hands me a restaurant business card.

"Oh! You'll be meeting my son for the first time too!" Mrs. Lee smiles. She points to my bedroom. "I also left out an outfit for you to wear for this evening. I hope you remember how to apply your makeup! Now you better hurry to school. I have a meeting with my company, so your driver will send you to school. He's waiting outside." She waves and leaves.

School..the worse part of the day.


I make my way to the office with all eyes on me to register in school as Cindy Oh, the new transfer student. Are they going to throw tomatoes at me again?

"Hi! What's your name? I've never seen you around. You're so pretty by the way-but not as pretty as me HA." A familiar girl with excessive makeup and high heels says to me. A lot more familiar girls and guys surround me, blocking my way to the office. They laughed and threw food at me just yesterday.

"Umm hello..I'm Cindy Oh, a new transfer student." I reply timidly. Aish. I'm usually not shy. What's up with me today?

"Ahh transfer student. Well, see you around!" The arrogant girl winks and struts away with her squad.

"Two faced bitch." I mumble. Oh wait. I'm Cindy Oh, the new rich transfer student with proper manners. I can't swear in front of people...

After receiving my new schedule, I make my way to my science class.

"Welcome to our school! Everyone, this is Cindy Oh, the newest transfer student! Everyone please welcome her." Mr. Choi, the science teacher smiles at me and shows me a thick booklet.

"The science exam is next month, so make sure you understand all the material in this booklet. Okay?" He gives me an okay sign. I nod and scurry to an empty seat.. Science? Exam?! As Oh Jin Hee, I was ranked last out of the whole school! I don't even know what we're learning in science!


The first few classes went by quickly since I didn't really pay attention. Aish. What's the point of the school anyway? In the cafeteria, I carry my tray of food I bought and look around for an empty seat. Suddenly, someone elbows my neck. Some tall guy-probably someone who wears super high shoe lifts.

"Woah! I'm so sorry!" A familiar voice calls out behind me. I turn around to see the guy from the balcony. My insides start to tingle from excitement. What am I doing?! Fangirlling over a handsome and kind man? Oh god yes I am.

"I-it's okay." I say quietly. He starts to stare at my face. "Have we met before? You look familiar." He says. I gulp. He remembers me! Well, sort of.

"Um..I don't think so. It's my first day here."

"Ah, I see. Sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone else. Well, want to sit with me and my friends?" He smiles. I avoid his gaze. I'm afraid of squealing out loud if I keep staring at his perfect face.

"Sure." And with that, I follow him to his table with his group of friends. As he eats his ramyun, he looks over his notes and reads his textbook.

"Yah, Minwoo. All you do is study these days. Let's go to the gym for a game of basketball or something." One of Minwoo's friends, Kibum punches his arm playfully. Minwoo glares at him across the table. He puts down his pencil on the table.

"Well, I have a science exam after school to study for, so too bad." He continues eating his ramyun from his bowl.

"I actually have a science exam after school too." I say. He puts down his bowl to look at me in surprise.

"Daebak! Want to study together?" He pushes his papers and textbook closer to me. I smile.



I smile as a thank you as my driver opens the door to my new luxury car that is parked in front of the restaurant the family gathering is being held. I make a mental reminder that my driving lessons start next week, according to Mrs. Lee.

I stumble a bit in my pink high heels, but still manage to look normal as I enter the restaurant. I flatten out my pink dress and fix the pink bow in my hair. So much pink, my god. But I'm starting to think pink is a pretty colour.

The memories of Minwoo and I swarm in my head constantly. We both studied so hard for the past four hours. Together. Alone.

Ahhh~ my heart races faster and faster everytime I think of him. But then again, we can't be proper friends because of my background. On the outside I'm the rich Cindy Oh, but inside, I'm still the poor orphan Oh Jin Hee. He probably won't accept who I am. Aish. Why do I keep thinking about him? I just met him!

As I walk further and further, passing all the rich families eating delicious food, Mrs. Lee waves to me at a nearby table. A man is sitting across from her. I carefully take a seat besides her, careful not to scratch my dress from the sharp table edges. I look back up to greet my new family members.

"Hello my name is Cindy Oh." I bow and look back up. My mouth forms an O shape.

"This is Lee Minwoo, my son." SON?!

"Cindy?! Woah, I never thought a sweet and smart girl like you would be living with us!" Minwoo exclaims with a smile. I smile back.

Life is getting better and better by the moment.

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