LI - Pack Bonding

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"Get off your lazy ass and get downstairs!" Kal yelled, throwing the door open to Greyson's bedroom and walking over to the bed were Indianna was lying down, reading a book.


"I have orders to get your unsociable butt downstairs," Kal shrugged and snatched the book from Indianna's hands and threw it on the floor. "Up, let's go."

"Orders?" Indianna wondered. "Greyson?"

"The one and only," Kal nodded. "A bunch of us are ordering pizza and watching some movies and you are joining us."


"Hush," Kal said. "It's a movie; unless you are one of those extremely irritating people then you don't speak much when watching a movie. You just gotta sit there, eat some pizza and chill out. The pack wants to get to know you, Indie, give them the chance."

Indianna sighed. "How many people?"

"A few."

"The way we operationalise that saying is very different," Indianna said and Kal smirked.

"I've been told I can use force," he said and Indianna raised her eyebrows.


"Yep," Kal grinned.

*You said you would try,* Greyson's voice flooded her mind and she groaned.

*We can start tomorrow?*

*Fine,* Greyson said and Indianna frowned. He gave in very easily. *If you can start tomorrow then so can I. Yes?*


*Great, then you can't be pissed off for what I'm about to make you do.*

Indianna frowned and looked at Kal who wasn't concentrating on Indianna, he had a dazed look and Indianna knew that he was mind linking someone. Kal suddenly smiled slyly and then looked at Indianna.

"Don't be annoyed at me. I'm only following orders," Kal said and suddenly he grabbed Indianna and threw her over his shoulder.

"Kal!" Indianna yelled out in shock. "Put me down!"

"Sorry, Alpha's orders," Kal laughed and walked to the door of Greyson's room.

"Oh, the asshole!" Indianna gasped and hit Kal's back. "Please?"

"Nu uh," Kal smirked he headed for the stairs. Indianna squirmed and struggled in Kal's hold, but he was a lot stronger than her. "Please don't make me drop you. I think Greyson would kill me."

*You sneaky bastard!* Indianna said.

*You're the one that said I can start tomorrow,* Greyson replied, his tone smug.

*I hate you,* Indianna grumbled and Greyson laughed.

*Have fun,* he said and Indianna focused on Kal who was heading in the direction of the lounge. He entered and Indianna could hear many voices. Her world was spun and she was dropped onto a couch. She gasped and looked up at Kal who grinned innocently at her. Her eyes flickered around the room and she counted around 20 pack members, all chuckling at Kal's actions.

Indianna grew very self conscious and shrank back into the couch. She tried to tell herself that there was no reason to feel awkward, but she couldn't help it.

Kal sat down next to Indianna and she punched him on the arm, smirking when he yelled out. "Dude, I was following orders!" He whined.

Indianna shrugged and smiled sweetly at him.

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