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Punch, punch, punch, jab, and kick I chant in my head. I continue this set in till a sour smelling sweat, pours out of my glands.

Punch, punch, punch, jab, kick.

Punch, punch, punch, ja-


Hearing the throat clearing I turn around.

"What's up Marco?" I ask the messenger

"Ms. Cordova, the boss wants to see you." "Alright." Ha, figures he's too lazy to even come over here himself. I mean how hard is it to walk over to the training room and talk to me, instead of sending poor Marco over here to fetch his work. Ron and his lazy butt claims he's 'busy' with 'work' but everyone one in the business knows, he plays League in his office for most the day. Most hear him screaming 'Destroy the turret! Destroy the turret!" it's really quite funny, Ron is the boss of this whole cannoli, and he prepares the missions, parties, and whatever he does but doesn't tell us. He only works for like an hour a day, Ron gets the job done quickly but still keeping it accurate, how he does it? I don't know. We arrive to his room and Marco leaves heading to the other direction. Knocking, I don't wait for a response and press my thumb on the scanner. The red light shines through the glass and reads my thumb print, then the light turn's green signaling that I'm good to go. The scanner only recognizes 3 people; Ron, Ron's wife, and of course me, their niece. Ron is my only blood related family left after my parents died on a mission in Iceland. Yep, Iceland the highest ranked county for peacefulness, is where my parents were killed. Ron and Donnie, Ron's wife are the only family I have left. They don't have any kids so I'm like the daughter they never had. Donnie and Ron don't want to have kids they think it would interfere with their work and they would rather not have a kid come in to this corrupt world. I would highly agree, there is no need to bring an angel into this world at this current century. Which has been a century on war, murder, and rape. That's the reason I've been trained to death. "Hey Uncle Ron, Marcus said you needed me for something?" "Yes, yes I did." He clasp his two worked hands together and sets it out in front of him on the desk. He sighs and tell me to take a seat. Uh oh he's serious, and let me tell you, Uncle Ron is never ever serious. The last time he was like this was probably 10 years ago when his brother died. "Before you got all ape poo on me, I want you to let me finish what I am going to say, OK?" I nod and gestured my hand signaling for him to continue. "Do you remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned something about our biggest and most horrifying mission in Kingsford?" "Yeah I remember you saying you were looking for some fit assassins to finish the job." "Well, yes, yes I did." "And what does that have to do with me?" I question, gosh I really hope he chose me. Ron has never sent me out of state before, and I've never pass the border of the United States either. "After some looking in the database this past month I figured you were the most fit for this mission, and plus I was the one who trained you, therefore I do not doubt any of your capabilities,"


Ron hold his hand out when he catches me about to do my happy dance "On one condition only," Uh oh not the 'but' ugh there's always a 'but' "You will be given a partner-" "WHAT??? BUT YOU KNOW I CAN HANDLE IT, COME ON! ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!?" I absolutely hate working a people. It's either my way or the highway. The last time I worked with someone on duty, got pushed into the ocean (Alive, in case you were wondering.) I drove off right afterwards, and bro was it funny seeing Julie at the headquarters in a towel smelling like seaweed. I asked her 'If she had a nice swim.' And I got a glare back, and might I say it was the funniest thing ever. "Zoe, I know you can handle it but just for some precaution, Kingsford blocks all the signals leading into the country, I won't be there to guide you. "Come on! Since when have I ever needed guiding?" Ron massages his temples and sighs. "You've never been out of the country Zoe, and the terrain there is completely different from here, and so is the government." "But I can handle it you know I can!" "ZOE THAT'S ENOUGH! YOU ARE GETTING A PARTNER AND THAT IS FINAL!" and to add effect he slams his hand on the cherry wood desk. Looking at him, he seems to have aged quickly then I could have counted. He has grey hair growing from his roots, deep bags under his eyes, wrinkles around his face, and his clothing is awfully creased and worn. "Okay." I whisper looking anywhere but him. "Look, I know you can handle it, but you're my little girl, and if anything were to happen to you I would never forgive myself, so come give your favorite uncle a hug." "You're my only uncle." I laugh and walk over to his open arms, giving him a bear hug. "Go home, and take a nap, I'll send you the details tomorrow and put some extra money in your account, now shoo I got work to do." I roll my eyes, "By work you mean League." He gives me a middle finger and motions it to the door. "Good night old man." "Night, champ." "Oh and by the way, I'm telling Donnie!" I don't wait for his response and close the door behind me with a click.

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