Ch. 06: Christmas Day Magic, Part 2

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"Of Magic & Mistletoe", Ch. 06: Christmas Day Magic, Part 2, by Gratiana Lovelace December 28, 2020 (Post #1355)  [(1) cover story]

Author's content note: My 2020 Christmas short story here is a gentle romance mostly rated G for all, with some dramatic moments. I will serialize my story here and on my Wattpad site. I'll continue with publishing new chapters almost every day through New Year's Eve. I hope that you enjoy my new story.

Illustrations: I cast my stories as I write them, with Richard Armitage asLuke Wharton, Erin Krakow as Diana Groves, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as BenjyGroves, Helen Hayes as Martha Lesley, Anna Knyazeva as Heidi Wharton, BettyWhite as Granny Wilma Wharton, and others as noted in the references.

Ch. 06: Christmas Day Magic, Part 2

After Luke and Diana come up for air with their first lovely kisses in Luke's kitchen on Christmas Day early afternoon, they gaze caringly into each other's eyes. It has been a long time since either of them has experienced love and romance—since each of their spouses died, four years ago and two years ago, respectively. Luke slowly pulls back from Diana, his hand clasping hers in his larger hand and bringing her hand to his lips for a kiss.

Luke: "Shall we take some coffees into the family room and chat some more?" And snuggle and kiss some more, he thinks.

Diana: "Yes, and let's peek into your bedroom to make sure our kids are still asleep." Diana blushes, her wondering if Luke wonders if she hopes their kids are asleep, so that she and Luke can canoodle on the family room couch.

Luke: "Yes." His voice is deeply soothing, like a velvet rose brushing against her heart. And she wonders if his huskily tender voiced yes, implies more than drinking their coffees.

So Luke and Diana collect their coffee mugs and walk out of the kitchen, past the dining room, and into the living/family room--setting their coffee mugs on coasters on the coffee table. Then they peek into Luke's master bedroom where he has their kids napping on his big bed.

Heidi and Benjy are lying on top of the comforter on Luke's bed, with large folded blankets on top of each of them for warmth. And though they are each sleeping on their own pillows, they are lying on their sides and turned toward each other—with their hands clasped together between the pillows. Luke and Diana smile at their sleeping kids and then at each other.

Luke holds a finger up to his lips as he and Diana quietly back away from the bedroom and go to sit on one of the family room couches together. The arrangement of the room has two long couches facing each other in front of the fireplace, with a shorter futon couch opposite the fireplace—each covered in the same ivory colored slip covers. The family room is inviting for conversations, as well as, for unexpected sleepover guests due to the snowy weather.

Luke and Diana sit together on the long couch next to the Christmas tree, at the fireplace end [(2) above] —them enjoying its cozy warmth. They each take a sip of their generously sweetened hazelnut coffees, then set their mugs back onto the coffee table. Luke interlaces the fingers of his right and of her left hands together and they gaze tenderly at each other.

Luke: "Well, shall we consider this our first real date? Since we're alone together?" He smiles cheekily.

Diana: "I don't know, Luke." She purses her lips while trying not to smile. "I don't kiss on the first date." Then she can't help it and smiles warmly up at him.

Luke: "Did I say our first date? I mean our fourth date." Luke's voice and gaze smoulder tenderly at Diana.

As Luke begins to lean in to kiss her again, Diana places her finger against his lips to delay their kissing. But he mischievously kisses her finger

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