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My names Alice , Alice White and I'm a 17 year old girl. I live in Sydney Australia! I've lived here all my life and I still don't have any friends! I'm a very quiet girl , and I'm known in school as the ' girls who doesn't talk' or the "girl with pink hair" . I have problems it's not easy to admit but I do , I have bad case of depression ,anxiety and trust issues ! I blame all this on my dad and what he did to me . I've tried getting help but it hasn't been working. Nothing will work. I guess you could say I'm broken and lost.
Here I am on a Monday morning just about to enter the hell hole that we call "school". Today I'm feeling the worse , my anxiety levels are high today . As I enter I quickly rush to my locker trying to avoid Tyler and Jess , Tyler and Jess are the schools heartthrobs and my bullies. For some reason they choice me out of 1000s of people in my high school. They and my dad make me the person I am today ( depressed and lonely! ) Suddenly I'm snapped out my thought by being slammed into my locker by Tyler. The pain is shooting though my body as I slide down my locker to the cold stone ground . " oh look boys it's not saying anything, she's just a depressed , lonely piece of shit " he's says while his friends snigger at my sitting it my pool of blood from my arm where the metal cut me and tears. Tyler kicks me in the stomach before leaving to go to home room . I seriously can't wait for this day to end
After cleaning my self up I quickly make my way to homeroom. "Miss white your late , luckily you haven't missed the big news , please take a seat " my teacher say . What's the big new ? Curiosity is taking over me " right class , as you would have heard 5 seconds of summer have decide to take a break and go back to finish to school. The good news is ...... They are coming here . 5 seconds of summer of coming tomorrow to finish school !!!" OMG NO WAY !!!!

So guys how did you like the first chapter ? What do you thinks going to happen when the boys arrive! Sorry it short but is only the opening I promise to make the next chapter longer

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