Part 1: Ordinary day

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"Jasmiin!!! Wake up!! It's 7 am, you're going to miss the bus!!"
Muuum, please... Just few more minutees. "OK, I'm not the one that'll run to the bus station." said my mom with her anoying morning voice. I hate mondays. I just can't believe that weekend is already over. I want to stay in my bed. My warm and loving bed. "Jasmiiiin comee oon!" Aaagh... Okay, I'm coming! I can't stand those our morning shouts. My mother always has to wake me up from the fucking kitchen.

"Darliin' I made you coffe." Thanks mum.

I was never too close with my mom. I don't know, there was always some kind of wall between us.

Time to go to scool.
Bye mom.
"Take care of youreslf sweetheart."

She is so damn protective. Like I'm going to the end of the world, not in the another town in school.

It so cold today. It just started snowing. Great. I'm waiting damn bus for half an hour. I'm freezing.

Finally. I was thinking already to get back home.

The bus is empty ( at least I thought it was). Sitting on my seat I started to feel uncomfortable. Like someone is watching me. When I turned around to see if anyone else is here I saw him. His dark eyes were checking on me. I turned back instantly. Gosh, he is so gorgeous. Messy brown hair, dark and almoust black eyes and mysterious look that they gave me.

It haven' t passed a few second and I hear foot steps getting closer to me.

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