Chapter Twenty Three- Party Part Two

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Chapter Twenty Three- Party Part 2

Niall's POV:

The busty blonde eyed me the whole time I made my way over to her. Looking a bit familiar, but I decided to drop it. She handed me her own drink to have a taste and I was surprised when it wasn't some fruity girly drink. It was vodka.

"Surprised you're drinking this..." I mumbled while she ran her hands down my body.

"Care to dance?" She whispered trying to be seductive. I shook my head no and she frowned, clearly offended.

"Just need one more drink and then we can," She tightened her lips into a thin line, but then sighed slowly. It occurred to me that I had yet to ask her name and that she probably didn't know mine. Wait, who doesn't know my name?

The kitchen was full of people trying to get to the drinks and food, so I just grabbed the closest bottle of vodka and poured it in two different cups before handing the drink to the girl.

"What's your name?" She looked me in the eyes and I noticed just how much makeup she had caked on her face. Her facial expression was a cross between angry and sad.


She was lying. And now I knew for sure that I did, indeed, recognize her.

"Niall, I don't really feel like hooking up anymore, sorry. Why don't you go back to the girl you came here with?"

I grabbed onto her wrist to keep her from moving as I studied her face.

Past hookup for sure.

"Ah, I remember you now. Rachel." I smirked looking her up and down as she suddenly got very excited. She put her hands on my chest and slowly leaned in.

"I was going to say, how could you forget all the fun we had?" Then Rachel lunged at my neck as I mentally scoffed.

The room was full of people I didn't know and I honestly just needed an excuse to get away from Rachel. I'm not into past hook ups.

But where's Sean or Charlotte?

"Do you want to take this upstairs?" She whispered against my lips. I closed the distance and kissed her, but only to shut her up while I tried to find a familiar face.

"In a little bit, I'm looking for Sean. Or that girl I came here with.." Rachel looked beyond annoyed as she pointed to a couch. Sure enough, Sean was there with some girl sitting on his lap holding his drink.

Deciding to join him until I did find Charlotte I sat on the couch also. Rachel thought it would be cute if she tried to sit on my lap like Sean's girl, but I quickly shooed her off. She settled for the arm rest next to me.

"Sean, have you seen Charlotte?" I doubt he actually had, though. He was pissed drunk.

"Yeah actually, left with some guy.."

What the hell?

"You're sure she left with some guy?"

Sean nodded and I got up from my seat grabbing my phone and keys.

Four missed calls from Charlotte.

F*ck, she's going to hate me.

This is so me. I screwed it up. Something was finally going right and I screwed it up. And now she's with some guy. What if it's with some random guy who's going to take advantage of her?!!

I drove to her house, lucky that there weren't many cars on the road at this time of night. Grant's car wasn't in his drive way and Charlotte's light was turned off.

And I'm not quite sure what would anger me more, the possibility that Charlotte was with Grant or the possibility that Charlotte was with some random guy.

Giving up, I unlocked the door to my house. I didn't bother to be quiet as I stomped around the house.

I passed by the living room on my way to the kitchen when I heard a tiny voice.

"Niall?" My mum asked quietly. She was sitting on the sofa with the lamp on and Barbara was across from her. "Are you okay?" I couldn't hide my disappointment within myself though as I hung my head in shame.


"What's wrong, sweetie?" Mum continued to try and comfort me as Barbara continued to sit still.

"I just screwed up with the only girl I actually kind of care about besides you, mum."

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