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“Smile” says Preston to the Brit but he’s distracted glancing over Preston’s shoulder catching glimpses of cars passing just waiting for one to pull up.

“Vikk!” Preston calls.

Vikk looked back. “What Preston?” He asked annoyed that he will miss what he is looking for.

“Smile Vikk.” The Texan cries.

“Oh yeah sorry I forgot” says Icky Vikky smiling for the camera.

Preston was just about to take a photo when a silver car parked up and Vikk ran outside while Preston was calling after him. Preston runs to meet Lachlan, there is no other person in the world that would make Vikk that excited, he smirks happy that he is the only one who knows how Vikk feels about Lachlan.

“Hi Lachlan,” says Vikk trying his best to be casual as the Australian is getting out of his car.

“Hey Vikk, hey Preston,” Lachlan exclaims.

Vikk looks behind him and then realises Preston is there, Vikk slightly blushes and stops immediately for fear Lachlan will see.

Vikk said he’ll get the courage to tell Lachlan how he feels to Preston earlier, Preston being the only one who knows how he feels. Vikk is scared about saying it, when will it happen, how will he react just when Preston interrupts his thoughts. “I’m gonna go check out on how the rest of the pack and see what time they’ll get here,” states Preston, looking at Vikk as in telling him this is the time he should tell Lachlan.

“Okay bye” Lachlan and Vikk reply in unison. They glace at each other laughing.

Vikk gulps. “You okay Vikk? You look worried” Asked Lachlan, seeing that something was wrong with his friend.

“Yeah I’m just,” Vikk cuts off deciding it will never happen.

“What? Come on mate, tell me.” Pleaded Lachlan, knowing that it must be something big for Vikk not tell him.

They are both silent, Lachlan waiting for a response and Vikk trying to think of the right words to say. Then Preston comes back and Vikk looks at him to say he didn’t do it. Preston is tired now Vikk has liked Lachlan for so long so he quickly makes up his mind to tell Lachlan for him.

“Listen up you two plebs! I am fed up of this now, so sorry Vikk but you have been waiting a long time to say it and you still can’t.” Preston shouts just wanting to get the not knowing of how Lachlan feels over.

Vikk looks at him, his eyes begging Preston not to say anything.

“Lachlan… Vikk really likes you. Like really likes you as in really likes you and he is too shy to tell you.” Says Preston relived that the secret is out, whatever happens the secret is out.


Lachlan doesn’t say anything you just steps forward closing the gap between him and Vikk. Vikk looks up unsure of what’s going to happens. Lachlan slightly bends down and whisper in Vikk ear “I like you a lot too Vikk.”

Vikk grins while Preston is still wondering what Lachlan said. Just then they both collide Vikk reaching up and Lachlan slightly bending down. “Wow, the height differences are big,” says Preston but they don’t notice him.

They don’t notice anything it’s just them, only them.  Preston walks away leaving them alone thinking to himself his job is done and no more secrets.

Awhile later Vikk pulls away realising this is real and it’s not a dream laughing.

“What is it Vikk?” Lachlan questions.

“My dreams come true,” replied Vikk.

Later on when all of the pack has arrived they tell them about their feelings, no shocked cries, or laughter, not even a question.

“About time guys!” hollers Mitch.

The other nod as they agree with him.

“What? You knew!” cries out Lachlan.

“It was kind of obvious the way you acted around each other,” Says Rob.

Just then they look at one another, it was only meant to be a glance but that did not happen. They kiss each other again finally being able to. 

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