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So fast it's friday last period. Thank you Jesus for fast forwarding the week days. I dumped the books inside the locker and headed to the dancehall. As I got so bored today, I really wanna dance like crazy.

I hit the dancehall, didn't bother to change my clothes. Today there's gonna be only hip swaying. After twenty minutes, I ended my dance by kissing on the mirror.

I got out of the school building, hoping to jump in the car,but it's out of my sight. Ben might be stuck up in traffic. I can wait for ten minutes or more, no problem at all.

It's been fifteen minutes already and no sign of Ben. Let me call up to Jo and ask about Ben.

Jesus this dial tone is annoying.

"Hey honey bunch. What's up?" Jo picked up.

"Where is Ben?" I deadpanned.

"Oops, I totally forgot to tell you. I've got an important meeting to attend, so just stay ar your friend's till 9pm." Jo said as she was flipping some papers purposely to show off that she is really so busy.

I forgot to mentoon one thing earlier, my aunt had studied law and she also took over my dad's largest law firm in Korea, besides her own advertisement firm.

"Whaaaat? Are you out of your mind? I don't know anybody in this place. The only girl whom I knew also left a long ago. Don't ever think that I would go to any of those three weirdos' house ,because they are gonna keep bragging about the dangerous F4 freeks. So I better stay at school till 9pm." I just let out a long sigh and notice four shadows creeping up from behind.

When I turn around, I just froze.

F4. I'm seriously doomed.

"I'll talk to you later.Good bye" I disconnected the call and looked up at the guys who were obviously burning holes on my skin with their glares especially Gu Jun-pyo. This may be the last time I'm talking to Jo,that's why I said Good bye to my dear aunt.

"Hey Tweety! You were the girl who gave me your kerchief the other day. Right?" Jun-pyo smirked by raising his brow and his hands in his pockets. The other three continued to stare.

"Uh - yeah. My name is Arya." I said looking at him .

"Whatever, but you look like a tweety to me and that's what your backpack keychain conveys too." He pointed to my backpack.

Yeah I've a Tweety hanging in my backpack.

"Uh- oh-" I was cut off as Gu jun-pyo ducked my head and pushed me at the backseat of his car, I suppose.

Okay, this car is going straight to the cemetery and they are gonna bury me alive.

He hopped on to the other side beside me.

"To any coffee shop." He ordered to his driver.

"You didn't have to do that, you know." I said by sinking into the seat,looking down at my hands that's on my lap.

"Calm down tweety." He chuckled.

We reached a coffee shop, the other three guys came in their own cars. Why can't they use one car for all four of them? Duh...

As we entered, everybody looked at our direction, at the F4. I could hear some girls speaking and screaming. Geez,I just roll my eyes. I even got death glares for walking just two steps behind Gu Jun-pyo but beside him.

There was a round table with 5 chairs. Wow perfect.

I sat beside Jun-pyo, but I didn't dare to look up at any of the guys so I kept looking down at my backpack on my lap and kept fidgeting with that Tweety.

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