The game sale

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It was the last day of school and I was woke up by my grandma saying " get up your going to be late for school!". I got up and put my chest blind on and get ready for school.

-time skip-

I walked to the bus and got on and people in the bus were bulling me. And the one I hated the most that said she knew BEN DROWNED and that she had the game. Her name was Natalie and she kept calling me names "hey look there's the slut that fucked that geek." She laughs and everyone on the bus does too. I stood up and said" oh you must have been mistaken by your reflection sweetie" then I get off the bus and walk to my locker.

-time skip past all the bullies and the bet up I was messed up after school-

I walk to the game sale and saw every legend of zelda game there i got everyone of them and walked back home. But I was stopped by a boy with blond hair and emerald green eyes and he was wearing a legend of zelda shirt I was too.
"Hey my names Ben whats yours?"
I look at him "um just call me mad hatter because I didn't say my mane". Ben asked if he could come to my house and play videogames and I said "sure come on ". I started walking home ben follows me.

-time skip-

After a while ben says bye and goes home
And I go to bed.