eighteen - louis

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eighteen – louis 

        “I don’t think Louis should have such a large performance,” Niall insisted again for the fourth time in that specific meeting, making Louis roll his and continue to pet Timmy. “It’s too much time and he won’t manage to come up with enough tricks to entertain the crowd.” 

        “Niall – “ Liam sighed, but Louis was quick to answer. 

        “Oh don’t you worry, Niall, I have enough tricks in my pocket. I’m not some clown who jiggles with plastic balls and tells jokes that only appear to toddlers – “ Louis snapped at him with a smirk, not even believing his own words; he usually never talked back and preferred to deal with his anger in silence; he used to have so much more self-control – keeping Harry company had made him express his feelings and emotions more, it seemed. 

        “Louis!” Liam shouted, not wanting any more distress to be created between the two men. From the other side of the table, Harry smiled at Louis, a small, shy smile, and pushed his toe against his foot under the table, rubbing it up and down affectionately. “I will not tolerate any more fighting between you two, this has gone too far. This meeting is postponed until you two are not to argue anymore.” 

        Collective groans could be heard as most of the performers exited the room, going back to their tents and rooms or just heading to the man stage for rehearsals. Louis quickly noticed that Harry’s eyes were locked on him, a lusty look in his eyes. He hadn’t quite gotten over the fact that he had reached such an intimate level with the boy, and while that had been an everyday act for Louis before, now he had Harry to take care of; although he wasn’t quite sure they would be completely exclusive. 

        “Louis,” Liam murmured again, approaching him with Niall following suit, “You’re a bright lad, I’m sure you understand why a conflict between two co-workers would drive this place mad, well, madder than it is. I want you two to figure things out today, then come back before nighttime. We have a show tonight,” he said, and then left them alone. 

Niall shifted on his feet, as if even the air he breathed made him uncomfortable, “I – we could go to town,” he suggested, with a voice completely different to the one he had used previous times while in a banter with Louis. Now he looked small and anxious, as if he was afraid to go out with Louis. A deep, twisted part of Louis’ brain was content with that effect on Niall. 

        “Go to town?” Louis inquired, arching his brows. 

        Niall shifted some more, “Yeah, I – I mean. For Liam’s sake, and the circus. Not that I’d like to make friends with you anyway. But I’d never pass up a good chat, generally speaking.” 

        “Fair enough,” Louis agreed, “I will just grab my coat and meet you in the entrance.” Truth was, he hadn’t been in town for quite some time, and he really missed it; that was the place he usually spent his days while trying to avoid his grandmother and strolling around, trying to find a good fuck. The center of Doncaster was always filled with beauties, after all. 

        Just as he was about to exit his room, Harry burst in, shutting the door behind him and springing upon Louis, like an overly excited animal, “Lou,” he whined, trying to press his lips onto Louis’. “Hey, hey poppet, what’s up with you today?” Louis laughed quietly, pushing his lips against Harry’s forehead and giving him a small kiss. Harry pouted then, as if disappointed that Louis had chosen the wrong place to kiss. At last, Louis finally decided to give in and swipe that pout off of Harry’s lips. 

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