Part 1: Ginny's POV

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"Ron!!!" I screamed from the hallway. "Ron!!!!!!!"" "what Ginny!?" he asked running up the stairs. "Where did hermione go?" i asked. "You called me all tthe way up the 60 stairs from the kitchen for that!!!!!!!?????" He said obviously out of breath."Well.. I- ya i did deal with it Ron!And plus you are 25 years old you should be able to climb those stairs!" I yelled fustrated."I don't know where hermione is i thought she was with you!!!"He asked trying but failing to hide thr fact that he was freaking out. "I thought she was with you!!!"I yelled not even trying to hide that i myself was freaking out. So thats when ron and I trudged down all 60 stairs stopping to look in every room. "HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!" We screamed together spriting down the last 5 steps. We stopped and looked around the room everything was spinning and then I  passed out.

I woke up on the living room couch. Everything was blurry but the one person i could make out was harry , standing there afer he had obviously sprinted here after he heard. "Ginny!!, oh my god are you okay!!!" A familiar voice called right when hermione rushed past Ron knocking him over."Hey!!" was his response. "Hey be careful 'mione you don't want to break him!" I joked.She gave her little giggle which made harry and ron smile. I sat up. "Are you alright?what happened?!"Molly asked worried. "I'm-" I stopped and immediently looked over at harry. He just stood there like "what!?" My face lightented into a small private smile. 

Once we were our room he started to talk. "So are you sure?!"He asked his face showing a mix between excited happy and worried. "I haven't checked yet but ya i think so." Isaid smiling up a him. The next day i went to the muggle village and bought some what do you call it ... umm.. Oh Ya! pregnacy tests. i went into the bathroom as soon as I got to the borrow and took it. I am not going to explain all of my trouble but I finally got it. I read the label on the box and it said to wait for 3-5 minutes. I went and made some tea making sure that firstI locked the bathroom door. Later on after I finished my tea I decided that it had been about 6 or 7 minutes so I checked. As I walked into the bathroom to grab the test I realised it was gone. 

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