wait what

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Harry's POV

"Harry I'm home" mum walked in

"Hi mum"

"We need to talk" she sat down all the boys were in bed "your father's been put in prison" she said so bluntly. the one man I never spoke to because of the unspeakable things he did when I was younger to me and my mum

"And?" I said coldly I didn't give a shit to be honest

"Harry you have a 18 year old sister"

"Wait what?" I was confused

"I'm sorry I never told you she was living with your father but he's been put in prison and... she's coming to live with us" I was curious

"Why was he put in prison"

"You can't tell anyone... he was caught out by the police he'd been hitting Scarlett-"


"Your sister that's her name anyway he'd been hitting her then it got bad"

"What did he rape her" I joked mum looked at me "he didn't!" I got angry I didn't even no this girl but I'm angry how could you do that to a 18 year old child

"She's going to be here soon"

"Ok I'll go get the boys.... not in their boxers" I ran upstairs still trying to take in the news my mum had spilled

Scarletts POV

I was shaking as the black Mercedes pulled up outside the massive house I hugged the teddy bear in my arms the door opened mum stood

"Hi darling" I slowly got out I didn't look.. nice my once white dress was dirty with dirt stains all over it the bruises and cuts on show I felt weird "come in" she lead me in

"Er thanks?" The house was huge five boys stood in front of me

"Scarlett this is your brother Harry and his friends" a boy stepped forward

"I'm Harry" he shook my hand

"I'm Scarlett" I sounded so pathetic

"Where's your stuff"

"I er I don't have any"

"Oh well I'll show you to your room" he smiled this boy was my brother I didn't know I had a brother until half an hour ago

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