Goodbye My Love

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Our love was young

for we were one

when it begun

The first sight

that lonely night

was our love right

I love you so

will our love grow

or will it go

Is our love

like a beautiful dove

in the heavens above

Our love is strong

but for how long

will it be wrong

That pleasing kiss

my lasting bliss

I sure will miss

Love is a song

we don't belong

for it is wrong

The love that came

I will not blame

the harmless game

I will not fret

I won't regret

that night we met

I will not break

my heart will take

the lonely ache

You broke my heart

right from the start

I fell apart

I am in pain

I will remain

to be insane

The bells have rung

our hearts have sung

the weed has sprung

It's our last breath

the song of death

It's over now

Our loving vow

Goodbye my love

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