Chapter 11

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I stared at his eyes and he did the same. We were lying on the cold floor yet i feel so warm inside. So fuzzy. My face is heating up. "T-ty..." I said. He is still staring at my eyes. He slowly move his face closer to mine. I closed both of my eyes. Is this just a dream ? Or is this reality? "Sike" i heard ty said. I open my eyes and i saw him standing. He took his hand out to help me stand. "And you thought it was something didnt you?? I totes got you" he said while he is smiling. I nodded at him and took his hand. This is totally a nightmare. I thought we almost had it. My heart almost skipped a beat. "Ty..." I said. He looks at me with his face curious. I want to tell him. I want to tell him how much he worths for me. I love him. I am trembling. I opened my mouth. "Uh.. Lets have breakfast shall we?" I said. He looks disappointed. But he then smiled at me and nodded. "Ill just have coffee downstairs." He said. He then turned his back on me and walks away. I stared at him as he was walking away. And then i quickly followed.

We were in the dining room. He is preparing his coffee while im sitting infront of the table with my bacon and eggs infornt. "H-hows the bacon? Is it burnt? Im s-sorry if its burnt.." Ty said. I took a bite of the bacon. Its actually pretty good. It wasnt burnt. Infact, its perfectly cooked. "So this is your first time cooking?" I asked him while i was chewing my bacon. He nodded. "Not bad for beginners. First time i cooked something it was burnt as hell." We both bursted a laugh. "Did you took culinary?" I asked him. He shake his head left to right as a sign of "no". I took another bite of the bacon. I swallowed the food inside my mouth and i drank the coffee right next to my plate. I cleared my throat. "You know you dont have to go with me if you dont want, Ty..." I told him as i took a sip of my coffee. "Y-yeah but.." He looks really upset that i said something like that. "I really want to spend time with you, Sky. Dont you want that?" He said with puppy eyes. Omg he is so cute. "Yes i want that but you know... You might get bored..." I replied to him. He sat infront of the table and took a sip of his hot coffee. "Dont worry. Didnt i tell you i like finding resources?" He said. Well thats one reason he wont get bored there. But im thinking about what shall we do after work? Are we going to the mall again or what? Or maybe a walk in the park. Why am i thinking so much? And most importantly... WHY AM I THINKING THIS AS A DATE?! See this is what happens when you like someone. And by like i mean by ALOT.

(A/N: yes i know, the chapter is too short ;~; im a sucky author im so sorry guys ;~; but anyway... It might take a while to update SOME chapter because im planning about events happening in the story. Especially the important event of the story. So yea... Still thinking ... And you have any crazy date ideas for these two lovebirds... You can comment down below :) also i might stop writing my MC university story. Ill continue that story when im done with this one :) take care guys! <3 )

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