Chapter 1- Falling for You

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It had been merely a matter of days, since Xephos had fallen from the stars when Honeydew suggested they go and visit his friend Lomadia to see if she had any new theories as to how in heaven they were going to get him back up there, to his brothers, to where he belonged...

"COME OOOON XEPH!" Honeydew yelled from the Kayak that was sitting patiently on the river outside their house. Xeph smiled as he ran outside to meet his new friend, Honeydew didn't half make himself sound like a child sometimes with the way he talked. But then again, in dwarf terms, he was only young. Xephos jumped in the kayak and they began to paddle down the river, Xephos' mind floating up to his brothers and sisters in the stars. They would be asleep now, the thought made him yawn. It had taken a while to get used to the dwarven pattern of sleep but Xeph thought he had finally mastered it now. Xephos' head was so up in the clouds that he didn't notice Honeydew saying his name in an increasingly panicked tone

"Xeph... Xeeeph... XEPHOS!" The use of his full name caught Xeph's attention and his attention snapped to his friend, lightening quick.

"Yeah..?" He asked slowly and casually

"This is bad this is so so bad..." Honyedew said, stroking his ginger beard, a nervous habit of his

"What?" Xephos felt a little more concerned now that he could see how worried his friend was

"We've missed the fork in the river. We've gone down the wrong fork. Which means..." Honeydew was cut off by the sound of raging water, like it was gushing from somewhere. Xephos was confused until he saw that, in front of Honeydew the river seemed to end. Then he realised, it was a waterfall. Terror sank into Honeydew's heart whilst a mental battle raged in Xeph's head. He knew that he had special powers, given to him by the stars but he didn't want Honeydew to freak out and leave him because he was scared! Tine was up, Xephos didn't have time to think his decisions through properly before the kayak tilted over the edge of the waterfall with Honeydew screaming like a girl. Just as the kayak started to angle itself downwards, Xephos grabbed Honeydew's wrist and used his powers. Jets of stardust shot out of his boots like propellers and took him and Honeydew forward, away from the waterfall and into midair. He guided them both to land and then quickly disengaged his powers, preparing for Honeydew to bombard him with questions. But he realised as he set his friend down on the grass that he had been squinting the whole time, waiting for the water to hit him and wash the remainder of his life away. That meant that Xeph hadn't really exposed his powers at all! He could almost jump for joy but then Honeydew opened his eyes. Once he realised he was on dry land, Xephos helped him up and then stuck his hands into his pockets, trying to look as nonchalant as possible.

"Wha... How?" Honeydew said, completely and utterly befuddled. Xephos just whistled and looked at his friend. Honeydew raised an eyebrow, there was obviously something that Xeph wasn't telling him but he figured he should leave it, Lomadia would be worried about them by now. He ran in front of Xeph and began to lead him to Lomadia's, not a single patch on them wet after all of that.

When they got to Lomadia's, Xephos was a little nervous. Honeydew was the only being he had met on this planet so far and he didn't even count as human! Plus, Lomadia was a girl and Xephos didn't know how girls were different from boys, emotionally and physically speaking. Honeydew knocked politely on the door to announce his arrival then just barged in, Lom knew who it was anyway. She came running down the hall when she heard the knock and nearly knocked Honeydew over with a hug

"OH MY GOD I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU! WHAT HAPPENED?" She said in such a relieved tone. She  soon noticed Xeph who was behind Honeydew and pulled away from their embrace to study him properly. Honeydew noticed her attention had diverted and began to introduce Xeph

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