22 ~ Black Dahlia

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Title credit: Hollywood Undead


@punxpilots: @maddiebtk what's a non metalcore band you'd do a colab with?

@MaddieBTK: @punxpilots Hollywood Undead 100%

@sirCharlieScene: Why is everyone telling us to work with @burnthekingofficial ?


Day 18 of Warped


"What song do you wanna do?" Johnny asked, showing me the setlist. HU wasn't on warped, but their tour had this date in common. Everyone on twitter wanted us to colab but we decided to just perform.

"I can do Gangsta Sexy." I snickered. "Or bullet, I'm just doing clean vocals right?"

"Yeah," Funny Man nodded. "Danny what do you think?"

"Ah, do bullet." He answered.

"Okay cool, come out at the second pre-chorus." Charlie smiled, which made me smile. They were way nicer than I thought.

I felt Funny Man's eyes on me, making me look over. He smirked before Kurlz got my attention.


"Yo, Charlie Scene, tell me how you got so flossy." Funny man smirked as he sang.

"It isn't my fault that all the ladies want me. I just roll with the posse that's cool like Fonzy, and known to be flashier than paparazzi." Charlie went on as Funny Man came side stage and pulled me onstage. I panicked as he did and the crowd cheered, he kept me there through the chorus, I held some hands in the crowd with him before he spun me around and back standing to face him.
"Freeze. At ease." He looked into my eyes with a smirk. "Let Funny Man Bang on these keys."

He held the mic to me. "I'm about to get it crackin' and freaky deaky," my attempts to match his deep voice made him laugh.
"All the ladies in the world just dyin' to meet me." He nudged me and turned to the crowd. "'Cause nothing about me is ever cheezy, get you into bed make it squeaky squeaky." I tried to walk off but he kept me there for the rest of his part, messing with me. I finally flicked him and he let me go until it was time to go on.


"My legs are dangling off the edge,
the bottom of the bottle is my only friend.
I think I'll slit my wrists again and I'm
gone, gone, gone, gone."


"Maddie, hey," Funny Man stopped me from following everyone into the bus. "Great job out there."

I smiled. "Thanks."

He paused, just smiling at me. "My name is Dylan, by the way."

"Nice to meet you Dylan." I laughed.

"You live in LA, right? We should meet up. I could take you out..." He rubbed the back of his neck, being so damn cool about it.

"Ah, I'd love to but I have a boyfriend."

"Oh, ha, I should have guessed. I mean I'll always be up for it if you want something new but..." he opened the bus door for me and gesturing for me to enter. I chuckled at him and walked inside.


15 unread texts
6 missed calls


Being at a party with Hollywood Undead was fun as hell, but the hangover was massive. When I checked the time I think I had a heart attack.

"Fuck fuck fuCK FUCK!" I hit my head on the bunk I was in and rolled out.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Johnny yelled from his.

I sprinted into the lounge and rubbed my head. "Who's bunk was I in?"

"Mine." Funny Man- Dylan- said. "J-Dog made coffee if you want some."

"Thanks but I gotta run, the buses left already, I gotta get to the next venue before our set. Thanks guys." I waved.

"Hey, wait," J-Dog put some coffee in a travel cup and gave it to me with an aspirin.

I smiled and waved again, leaving.


"Gavin is gonna kill you." Ronnie said as soon as she answered the phone.

"I'm almost there, it'll be fine." I sipped my coffee.

"You're lucky it's the same state."

"I know I know, just don't tell any of the roadies, okay? They'll tease me for being Oil Spotted."

"Oh, they already know. Our set is in fifteen by the way."

"Fuck. I'm a block away." I got up to get off the bus. Then I realized I didn't have my pass. "I don't have my pass, come to the back gate and get me in."

She sighed but agreed, saying Jordan will get clothes for me.

She got me in ten minutes before the show, we got there five minutes before, and they cleared everyone from the equipment trailer so I could the dressed. We went on right on time.


Alex's POV:


I rubbed my temple, listening to Bri cry. "I'm so sorry Alex. It was a mistake. I should have told you."


"I thought he was you."


"Please don't be angry."

"Whatever." I got up suddenly and left. I honestly didn't care she slept with Jack, I'm more concerned about him.

Apparently the girl Jack sent back to our bunk a few nights went into the wrong bunk, and Bri went into Jacks on accident. It was so dark she thought Jack was me when he got in the bunk.

I walk for a long time, finding an empty park and sitting under a tree.

I decide to search Maddie's name again.

I see more interviews than last time I searched. I also see more live videos, including one with Hollywood Undead for some reason. I watch her sing Bullet beautifully. Then I watch another video from that night, the clip is just the bridge of the song, a different one.

The guy singing who pulled her onstage is way too close for my liking. I chew my lip, wanting to be angry, but ending up crying.

She's so happy without me.

if what we had was real, how could you be fine?


@AlexAllTimeLow: Thank you Austin for another great show!





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