Level 18

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I read the report one last time to search for errors before printing it.

"Ali?" I called out on the intercom.

"Yes, Sei?" her soothing voice replied.

"Do you know where Mr. Richards is? I'd like to hand this report to him personally."

"The Director doesn't have anything scheduled for the time being. I think he'd be in his office reading or roaming around the building." I nodded my head and stopped when I realized she's not in front of me.

"Thank you, Ali."

"You're welcome, Sei."

The Inventory window appeared in front of me. I grabbed the Okapi skin. I snatched the report from the printer and started looking for Mr. Richards.


I slowly pushed his office door open. He was looking at his computer screen sternly like a lion looking at his prey. He didn't notice me, so I decided to knock on the door slightly.

"Miss Sei, I haven't noticed you. Come in. Come in. Have a seat."

I stopped in front of his desk but didn't sit down. "It would be quick, so no need for me to sit Mr. Richards." He nodded his head, so I proceeded. "Here's the report I promised earlier and the Okapi skin I told you about. You're free to examine it, but don't experiment on it please." I placed both items on top of his desk.

Mr. Richards hurriedly touched the skin. "What amazing skin a monster can have," he said in astonishment.

"Also, I have a favor to ask Mr. Richards. I think I have helped enough in WHO, and I badly miss my home so..."

"Yes. Yes. No one is prohibiting you to go home, but I'd be glad if you'd still be examining some things in here, especially weapons and armor."

I smiled and said, "Of course. You can call me when there's something you need me to examine. I have lived in WHO for almost three months, though the first two months are unknown to me still, this is my second home."

"That's great to hear."

"I have one last favor." Mr. Richards raised his left brow and clasped his hands together on top of the desk. "Well...you see... I need to enter a silver door within the next two weeks."

"Miss Sei, you can enter any door you want to enter as long as they appear and open. Although you might have a hard time convincing your co-hunt-"


Mr. Richards immediately stood up and looked at me in disbelief. "Miss Sei I have seen your records, and you haven't entered any door higher than bronze except for the one with your father and brother. I am not degrading your abilities to fight, but I have investigated you while on a comma, and all of the hunts you have participated ended up almost killing you. I cannot allow you to enter a silver door and clear it alone." He was breathing rapidly from the non-stop speaking.

"Mr. Richards, with all due respect, I am a huntress, and I want to improve my abilities. I need to enter a silver gate alone to improve drastically. It will serve as my training as well," I firmly said emphasizing the word alone.

"You're a stubborn woman, but the answer's still no. You can take your leave, so I can read your report and get the lab team to examine this skin. Rest assured, this skin will be back in your hands without anything missing or added to it."

I heaved a sigh of defeat and walked myself out of the office with slumped shoulders and lowered head.


"Big brother, I'm home!" I closed the door behind me, but the house seemed empty. "Maybe he bought something nearby." I walked to the staircase and saw dirty clothes at each step. "Gross."

I ignored every piece of clothing and finally arrived in front of my bedroom door. I held the knob and turned it. The room's still the same. Anime posters hung on the wall. Mangas are neatly placed on my bookshelf.

"Ah. Home sweet home." I ran to my bed and jumped on it like a child. The ceiling's full of posters from Naruto to Asta. "I missed my babies."

I jolted upright when a door slammed shut. I lightly massaged my chest from shock and slowly got out of bed.

"Sevin's mad," I whispered.

I turned the knob and walked straight to Sevin's room. He didn't even flinch when I entered. He was on his bed lying flat on his stomach. I silently walked to him but stopped when I saw a couple of scratches and bruises on his skin.

"Sevin! What happened?" Sevin fell on the floor and made a loud thud. "Sorry about that." I reached for his arm and helped him stand up.

"What are you doing here?" His face has some dirt on it. His clothes a little torn, here and there.

"What happened to you?" I crossed both hands in front of me.

"Stop acting like you're older. Remove those hands in front of you, or I'll do it for you, Sei." I immediately removed them and put them behind me. "You don't do that to me Lil' sis," he snapped, then smirked.

"Then answer the question. What happened to you?"

"I've been hunting for the past month, Sei."

My jaw dropped open, and I froze from where I'm standing. Sevin. Hunting. Miracle.

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