"B-but-" Mikoto stuttered.

"NO! Itachi Uchiha made sure you and those 13 children, including Sasuke, lived to overcome this! One thing I do know from being me, is that no matter how bad things get, there is always a silver lining! You have to stand and take care of your remaining family! They will need all the help you need, but know you won't be alone!" Naruto keep venting, noticing that slowly, but surely, the pieces of Mikoto's psyche began to mend together.

"You will have them helping you as well. Hell, we of the Senju Clan will help as well! But you have to overcome this! NOW!" Naruto snapped at the end, unconsciously sending burst of healing chakra throughout Mikoto's mindscape, completing the healing process.

"I-I....... Thank you, Naruto-kun..." Mikoto said as she cried with a sad smile.

"You don't have to do this alone, Mikoto-san... But the first step is being able to stand up and moving forward. That is the only way we can heal and help others heal as well..." Naruto said as his mind projection began to dissipate.

"You're right, Naruto-kun... Thank you..." Mikoto said as she saw Naruto's mind projection dissipate completely.

~Outside Mikoto's mind~

"Naruto-san!" Inoichi yelled as he hurried to help Naruto stand as he began to tilt.

"*gasp* *heave* That took... *gulp* far more energy... *sigh* than I expected..." Naruto said as he tried to stand.

"What happened in there?" Tsunade asked as she hurried to Naruto's side to do a diagnosis.

"She's okay now... I don't know how long it'll take, but she will wake up soon." Naruto said as he felt Kurama refill his chakra reserves again.

A groan pulled all of them from their musings.

"Mikoto!" Tsunade exclaimed as she moved to check Mikoto's condition, now that Naruto was okay. 

"W-where am I?" Mikoto asked as she looked around.

"You're in the hospital. Do you remember anything?" Tsunade asked as she roamed Mikoto's body with her diagnosis palm.

"I-I do..." Mikoto answered sadly as she looked down. Until her eyes hardened.

"But there is not time to ponder on what happened." She said, astounding Tsunade and Inoichi. 

"There some who need my help, no? Naruto-kun?" Mikoto smiled sadly at Naruto who smiled back.

"Yes. We should get her moving as quickly as we can. Hoshida-san!" Naruto called for a nurse who was stationed outside Mikoto's room.

"Yes, Naruto-sama?" the nurse asked.

"Please bring a wheelchair asap. And bring an IV bag and a IV stand." Naruto ordered, causing Mikoto's and Inoichi's eyes to widen at the sight. A 10 year old boy, who Inoichi just realized is wearing a Medical Coat, giving orders to a nurse, who at the very least was 20 years older. This was not something you saw everyday... or any day for that matter... at least until now.

"Hai!" the nurse answered as she rushed to do as she was ordered. 

"Meanwhile, I will goo check on Sasuke. Last night he was the first patient to go on a rampage. I want to monitor his progress. I will catch up with you later, kaa-san." Naruto said as he walked to the door, until Tsunade stopped him.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Tsunade said menacingly.

"I-I don't know what you mean?" Naruto tried to sound oblivious. Obviously, it didn't work.

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