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The guitar problem was solved when I called Joe that night and explained my problem. He agreed to let me borrow one of his guitars until I got my own, as long as I didn't quit the band.

As Joe drove me to Pete's house for practice the next day I couldn't help but think this was the stupidest idea I've ever had, especially since it was all for a girl.

I was actually surprised how well and how deep I was bullshitting my way into all this. I seriously had no idea how long I'd last but I was giving it my best shot.

"So the good news is you're our rythem guitar player, so all your chords that we come up with should all be fairly simplistic." Joe said trying to give me more confidence to blindly go through with all of this. If he were to some how convince me I was the best singer and guitar player in the world my hands would still be shaking as we headed through Pete's house into his basement with joes guitar strapped to me. I couldn't do this, why was I doing this?

However, I think I got through practice alright surprisingly enough. It wasn't too bad until the bomb was dropped on us.

"There's this show, well more like a thing in a friend of mine's basement on Friday, and he wants us to play." Pete said as he took a drink of his soda and sat on a giant amp. Joe and I both looked at him like he was mental.

"Uh, we don't have a drummer, not a single fully worked out song, a name, this is our first practice, and Patrick over here is brand new to all this." Joe argued making Pete just shrug.

"Don't worry about the drummer, I have a plan, well I know a guy" Pete said.

"Hopefully you know a guy for each of our problems." Joe countered.

"I'll figure it out. As a matter of fact, I have a plan. Hey! You guys want to go see that drummer I know?" Pete asked a little more enthused making Joe and I exchange looks and shrug, this guy seemed to know what he was talking about...

That's what I thought until the three of us piled in Pete's moms mini van with Pete at the wheel and drove to a neighbor hood where all the houses looked the same and the grass was cut cleanly and neat. We pulled up outside one of the houses and we were about to get out of the car until Pete pointed to a shaggy red haired guy down the street, walking down the side walk.

"There he is!" Pete said and he drove the van to catch up with him. We began to creep along beside this guy who was shooting us weird looks. Pete rolled his window down, still driving at the same pace the guy was walking.

"Hey! Join our band!" Pete yelled to him.

"BRILLIANT idea, Pete." Joe rolled his eyes from the passenger side next to Pete. When the guy didn't answer Pete, he decided to repeat himself exactly as he had before.

"Hey! Join our band!"

"Who are you guy?" The guy asked Pete. He was clearly freaked out by us stalking him.

"I'm Pete, that's Joe, and back there's Percy." He pointed to each of us.

"Patrick." I corrected him.

"Right, Patrick. Back there's Patrick." Pete said earning another sigh from Joe.

"You don't even know each others names? And I meant what's the name of your band." The shaggy, curly, red haired guy said.

"We don't have one...yet. we also don't have a drummer." Pete persuaded.

"You guys can't be serious." The guy said starting to get agrivated.

"I swear we are, and I swear were good." Pete said.

"Dude, don't promise him that!" I whispered roughly to Pete.

"Fine, you got me. When and where? By the way, I'm Andy."

"I know. 3324 cherry street, tomorrow at noon." Pete said and then drove off.

"What the hell, Pete?! I thought we wanted him in the band?! He's never going to remember that address!" Joe said.

The thing I learned that day was we were all bullshitting our way through this, sometimes it was a little more obvious than others.

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