Chapter Twenty;Joker

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The guy on the side that ISEN'T SHOWING UP (-__-) *flips table* is SUPPOSED to be Diedrich.

Anyway, he was going to be played by Avan Jogia, ya know, with his long pretty hair. NO BEARD THOUGH. My Diedrich doesn't have a beard.

OH. And Diedrich is pronounced "Dee- drick".

I tried to make him like a combination of Undertaker (Black Butler), Gamzee (Homestuck), and Hidan (Naruto)! Those are some of my favorite characters EVER and they all are just a little insane in someway... ;)

Hope you like meh new character! :)

Luhh you!


I swallowed hard as Emery and I walked into the school, hand in hand. We looked at each other and he gave me a heartwarming smile. He knew I was extremely nervous to let everyone know that we were dating. He tried to say that we didn’t have to until I was ready but I insisted on telling them. We’re going too sooner or later, might as well be now.

We passed a group of girls in the parking lot who gasped and giggled. I felt uncomfortable being stared at and I knew Emery did to. He squeezed my hand and I pulled him closer. I tipped his chin up and stopped in front of him. Girls gasped and leaned in closer to watch. I swooped down and kissed him violently earning screams from girls. I pulled away smiling and threw my arm around his shoulders as we continued to walk inside, leaving those girls to fan girl.

The first person we saw inside was Nile. He saw us and grinned. He gave me thumbs up and mouthed, ‘Told you so’. I rolled my eyes but smiled at him anyway. I saw another jock near us. He outstretched his hand like he was going to shove Emery. I pulled Emery to the side and shook my head to him. He looked awestruck but shook it off and scowled. We strode proudly to homeroom and sat down beside each other, still hand in hand.

Mr. White looked us up and down, rolled his eyes and shrugged before going back to his book. Tambry leaned against my chair and laid her head on my shoulder.

“So, you two made it official?”

I nodded and squeezed Emery’s hand. She looked past me to Emery.

“Told you so.” She said in a singsong voice. I brushed the blue hair from her face and gave Emery a look. He was blushing furiously and slapping at Tambry. She smirked and stuck her tongue out at him. I brought Emery’s hand up to my lips and kissed his knuckles gently.

“You two are vicious.” I said shaking my head. Tambry laughed and shook her head.

“No! Emery is vicious.”

“All of you, shut up! Announcements are about to start.” Mr. White yelled from his desk. I rolled my eyes and leaned back slightly. He raised his eyebrow and leaned forward a bit. “Light weight, new kid. Are you two like a… thing now?”

I nodded. He smirked and went back to his book. I smiled and kicked my legs childishly. The speakers clicked sounding the announcements and everyone shut up.

We waited patiently until they were over than sat back and waited for class.

It ended soon because of the one o’clock dismissal, Emery and I held hands the whole time. Emery and I walked out of class with my arm around his shoulders. Emery leaned closer to me and tugged on my shirt.

“Beck, do you know who that is? I heard he went to your old school.” He asked pointing to a guy about our age, walking casually through the hall. I looked at him closer, realizing who he was.

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