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"Nice of you two to finally show up." Namjoon exclaimed passive aggressively when Jimin announced his and Jungkook's arrival. He watched the two males both rushing towards them, greeting and bowing to their choreographer and the group of back up dancers along the way.

Namjoon's eyes caught the way the buttons on Jungkook's shirt were wide open, three to be exact and there was an obvious fresh red blotch along his chest making it obvious that the happy boyfriends were getting a little too warm and cozy on the way over.

"Sorry, Jimin went to bed late and I felt bad about waking him up early, so I let him sleep in." Jungkook told the band members that were standing at the stage, mics in their hands, but he wasn't even looking at them, his doe eyes were directed at Jimin who was smiling fondly at him.

"Alright, we'll accept that excuse because there really isn't much time to waste. The other groups need to do sound checks also and it'd be very inconsiderate of us to go over our time limit." Hoseok expressed, handing Jimin and Jungkook their pretty costume made microphones.

"Jimin, we already went over our solo songs, and we still need to practice Friends though." Taehyung told Jimin getting him to nod until his attention was directed at Yoongi who had placed a hand along his shoulder.

"Yeah but right now let's focus on Louder Than Bombs, army is really gonna be anticipating that neglected queen so come on everyone." Yoongi exclaimed before moving further along the stage to get into position with everyone else following behind.

"Then you two can work on your mash-up after, while we rest for a bit because we still have Life Goes On, Telepathy and Dis-ease." Seokjin said to Jungkook, stretching his arms up in the air and rolling his shoulders. Jungkook nodded his head and began to copy the olders movements, getting himself limber enough to begin.

The seven spent the next few hours getting everything perfected. They've rehearsed their dance routines more than dozens of times but they all wanted army to be thoroughly impressed, dazzled by their improved skills and amazed by their hard work, even if they knew that army adored them no matter what they did.

Soon only Jimin and Jungkook were left on the empty stage, "I'll start first and you'll come in when the dance break happens okay." Jungkook said to Jimin. The taller closed in on his boyfriend's personal space, fixing the mic along his ear and giving him a kiss on his lips before starting the performance off.

Jimin was clutching his golden mic tightly watching Jungkook and the back up dancers take their places before the music started playing in the background. Jimin was nervous, not because of the dance but because it always worried him what their fans would think, them collabing always trended and left room for harsh hate comments.

With deep breaths Jimin rushed forward on cue, fluidly inserting himself in the dance. He was standing beside Jungkook now, dancing across the stage with his boyfriend like he's done several hundred times now. His eyes shifted from the empty seats in front of him to see Jungkook smiling over at him and it made his own lips curve into a precious grin.

Whenever Jimin or Jungkook were feeling anxious or getting nervous jitters about performing as long as they stared at each other those pesky emotions would melt away.

Jimin is Jungkook's catalyst and Jimin would go to the moon with Jungkook if he asked him to, nothing can break their bond, and nothing can make them stop loving each other so passionately.


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