2: Villains Win

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All of you were now standing in a room located inside a certain building on school grounds. It seemed worn down due to quirks but still usable.

"Today, we'll do what we did before: two teams where one plays villains and the other plays heroes. I'd like to see if you all have gotten used to strategy and cooperation."

You yawned, covering your mouth with your right hand.

You gotta be kidding me. I hope I at least get villain. I can so do the part.

Everyone was assigned a team letter with a partner.

Team C and Team F were chosen. You and Shoto Todoroki were Team C as villains, while Kyoka Jiro and Rikido Sato were Team F as heroes.

You chuckled as you and your partner walked to the designated base.

"In all seriousness," you raised your index finger to politely speak, "do you even need me? I mean I don't mind doing nothing, but I can do something."

With no hesitation he said, "I'll keep them away while you protect the object. I don't think they'll pass me."

Smirking because you weren't planning on doing anything major, you replied, "Got it."

You sighed under your breath. Glancing around the room on the third floor of this building, you kept your hands on the guarded object and waited for signs of Todoroki or any other person.

You didn't want to be the person going outside due to your fear of heights.

Todoroki is one of the most powerful students here. Sato is strong, but that's not enough to get past Todoroki with just his abilities. With Jiro's help, he might get here if she distracts. His strength just might be able to break through the ice. If I'm early in the storyline, then Todoroki won't use his fire.

So it'll be up to me to guard this thing.

"Remember to cooperate. This is not a solo mission." A deep voice spoke through the ear piece.

You closed your eyes and began to crack your fingers which led to your neck and then your back as your arched backwards while standing.

That felt so good. Now I can move.

"Ah, so she's the one I heard about. The capable new student. Y/N Rikimaru." All Might said.

"Rikimaru? As in strong power?" Deku asked.

"What's her quirk, sir?" Kirishima asked.

"We're not sure yet. I believe she just received it, like young Midoriya here."

"She hasn't talked much so far but kept sneezing in class. As if she had a cold." Tokoyami stated.

"Do you think it has to do with her quirk?" Tsuyu asked.

"Or maybe icy hot over there made her cold by being close to her." Bakugo spoke.

Man, I can hear you guys, y'know.

You had complete faith in the half-hot and half-cold boy. Nevertheless, you prepared yourself just in case.

From your right, ahead of you, there were footsteps. They were a bit far away but nearing each second. This made your open your eyes and crack your knuckles.

Todoroki spoke to you through the ear piece, "Sato is on his way to you. Guard it."

Looking around, you stretched your arms to prepare yourself and replied, "I know, I got it. Take care of the girl."

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