Bonus chap 3

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Maya Amour sits down with Inside Scoop to talk to us about the shows and rumors.

Interviewer: How are you? With the whole split?

Me: I'm making it, I mean I'm doing okay. I try to focus on music, my kids, my job to avoid that particular part of my life. It's hard to be split from August because of some stupid shit that the media makes look bad like everything else *crys* I'm sorry. *wipes eyes*

Interviewer: It's okay, take your time

Me: Media always take shit out of fucking contact. I got a word for all you basic bitches who call y'all selves reporters, paparazzi and bloggers. GET YA DAMN FACTS STRAIGHT! Don't put shit out there about me because I will fucking tell you off like it is, Everyone knows I don't take bullshit and I will flip on you in a second. Im bringing back the REAL Maya fuxking Amour. That person who put up with Trey bullshit, Sorry Trey but that person? That was never me. I did that because I loved that man and I still do til this fuvking day. I'm so angry right now with these publicity stunts to pull up y'all ratings, Y'all even went and said I fucked Wayne? I FUCKED WAYNE??? I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake. They are fucking brothers to me. They are my hearts and I love the way they treat me with such concern and they protect me just like family, no damn label put us together we did because we family and we love each other. Come on man, Wayne is my daughters God Father! Why the hell would I do that? And on top of that he has a girlfriend. I'm married. I love my husband and he means everything to me. I swear if I hear one more thing I'm done, I'm done with Hollywood I'm dropping the fuvking towel and y'all win.

Interviewer: I think this was actually the realist interview you have ever givin

Me: I know that. Because, I'm so pushed to the edge, I'm pissed and I'm just Angry. The only man I'm in love with and want to spend the rest of my life with is August Anthony Alsina! He's my big daddy and I love him, I mean come on man, Y'all honestly believe if I was cheating I would've went to jail for him and our kids? You honestly believe I would have stayed with him for so many years? You actually believe I would have had another child with this man? August makes me happy and feel a way no other man has every made me feel, If he called me up right now asking me to come home, I would fuvking drop this interview like it's hot.

Interviewer: *laughs* So, Miss Amour Are you hoping to her back together with him? Is there anything the fans should be looking forward to from you

Maya: Yes, I am hoping and praying that August and I can put this behind us and make things work. I will not be returning to music right now, I need time off. I will be doing one last concert with Young Money Tuesday November,31st. And when I make my comeback, Y'all gone be in for a surprise.

Interviewer: So, this is it? There will be no more Maya Amour after this concert

Me; That's correct, I will be taking a break from this music industry for a while and hopefully start on my acting career.

Interviewer: Well, we wish you luck let's take calls from callers. Caller one, this is Hot 69 and you're on the air with Maya Amour, what's your question?

Caller1: Hey Barb

Maya: Hey Barb *smiles* How are you?

Caller1; Not so good anymore, You're really leaving ?

Maya: Yasss barb, Just for a while but I love all my Barbz and Kenz. Y'all are my world and I promise you guys I will come back but I need time with family and time to myself

Caller1: Okay and I love you too MAYA!!!!!!

Maya: *laughs*

Interviewer: You have a sexy laugh not even gone life

Maya: *laughs* gracious, mi amor!

Interviewer: You welcome let's get to caller 2

Caller 2; Hey baby

Maya: *smiles big* August...?

Caller 2: Yes, Listen I'm sorry I didn't believe you. Open the studio doors

Maya gets up

Interviewer: Looks like we got a surprise visitor

Maya: *screams* AUGGY!!!!!! *kisses him takes flowers*

Interviewer: Aweeeee

August: baby I'm sorry and I love you. I can't go a day without being with you, The past couple weeks has been hectic and I don't wanna feel that way no more. It's like loosing you for those years all over again and I don't want to feel that. Not anymore and I just need to trust you.

Interviewer 2: I'm about to cry!!!!

Maya: I love you too August!

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