Chapter 2

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A/N: Hi everybody, I'm back with another chapter and I'm quite excited because I like to write and I enjoy it! Anyway hope you like it also these are going to be Harrys povs unless I say there's Louis', sorry for any mistakes!

After I wake up my mum surprisingly hasn't woken me or yelled at me, I'm not really dreading today because apparently, I have to go to a boarding school, I'm not doing that, she can't force me to go.

I checked my phone on notifications but something caught my eye and it was titled 'new boarding school in Doncaster' and below it says how good the school is improved and that it has to be the best schools in Doncaster, and I swear to God if my mum signed me up for this school I'll go mental.

I went to the bathroom, I looked at my self in the mirror and saw how terrible I looked.

I had horrible bags under my eyes so I decided it was a great time to take a shower. I let the warm water soak my skin. The glass started to fog up so I drew a few figures in it.

After 20 minutes in the shower I got out because I know my mum checks every water bill very thoroughly.

With my toothbrush still in my mouth I put on new boxers and a pair of black sweats.

I spat the toothpaste in the sink and placed my toothbrush in the holder.

I went downstairs to see my mum in the kitchen making some coffee, when she heard me she turned around and smiled widely "Hey mush, how did you sleep" she asked,

"Uh good I guess?" I said scratching the back of my head "good, good" she nodded

"Oh and also I need to talk to you about the new boarding school in Doncaster"

She can't be serious now can she, can't she just let it go "I swear if you got me into that snobby school," I said kinda harshly

"look I know Harry that you don't want to go to a boarding school but you need to, you barely go to school, and I've already spoken to your school about moving"

"Wait what, moving?!? are you moving as well, I asked

"No I'm not, I'm staying here Harry" my mum said, I guess I have to go I know I will never win this fight with her, I rolled my eyes and asked her the obvious thing

"When do I have to move?" she smirked

"In a week so get packing" a week?! Is she crazy?! how am I supposed to pack in a week? this is all Maya's fault, the girl never liked me anyway but at least I won't be seeing her.. I'm dreading it, I'm going to be with all the snobby rich kids.

I dragged my self upstairs to start packing, I didn't know what to take so I just stuffed some of my clothes in there a new toothbrush and nothing else, I have a week to pack anyway so I don't need to rush.

I was about to open my laptop when my phone rang, I saw it was zayn so I picked it up "Yo zayn my man, what up?" I said

"Harry, I'm doing good I have one problem though" he sounded almost angry "Okay go on"

"My mum told me that she talked to your mum, she is sending you away to a boarding school, is that right?" zayn asked.

"I- yeah she did why?" I said confused

"Well my mum talked to her yesterday and she decided she wants me to move as well" he replied

"Is that so zayn, I mean I'm so angry at my mum" I said coldly

"Yeah, when do you leave Harry because I leave in a week" zayn asked

"Me too, we can go together if that's alright," I said.

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