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BREAKING NEWs 📢: YOUNG MONEY LABEL MATES, MAYA AMOUR AND DRAKE. were spotted snack shopping and laughing together after the Grammys. Seemed as if, Maya was Drakes date for the awards. Is anyone team dramaya? I am. They would make a cute couple. But, Both has spoken out and here are the tweets below

@MayaAmour, "For the past couple weeks it's been hard to get over the split, Yes right after I went to a New Years party with @champagnipapi but it was only because I didn't wanna spend New Years alone and we all never wanna spend New Years alone, My kids was with they fathers and I was stuck home alone. So, my best friend/ label mate/ brother Drizzy called me up and asked if I was coming to the Labels party at first I declined but, again I didn't wanna spend it alone ... So I went. Yes, it isn't right for me to be hugged up with him or holding hands with him if I'm trying to get my HUSBAND August back. But, he doesn't trust me and I know I'm not giving him any reason too and I'm looking bad but y'all need to get this through your big head ass HEADS, I am not attracted to Drake that way and he knows it and I know it. My kids know it. Trey knows it anybody that knows me, knows it. Everyone knows I love myself some AUGUST ANTHONY FUCKING ALSINA! I'm his wife 💍👰, His child's mother and I love him til death due us part and when I took that fuvking oath, I meant that shit. SO MEDIA FUCK YOU AND ALL YOUR PUBLICITY STUNTS! If you guys woulda posted the right pictures you would have seen that when he grabbed my butt, I pushed his hand away, You would have heard him say "You're one of my closet friends" but like I said so many times, y'all look for the juicy shit just to build your fuvking radar."

@ChampagnePapi," ONLY GONE SAY THIS SHIT ONE TIME AND ONE TIME ONLY, @MayaAmour is one of my closet friends, I love her to death and throughout the years we been on this label together and throughout the years we know eachother we always been close, I do have feelings, I'm gone be a man and admit that but, I know Maya and I know she don't feel that way towards me and she doesn't want nothing to do with me on that level, that shit we do onstage it's all friendly and when I asked her to be my date for the Grammys? That was just friendly shit. GETCHA ASSES TOGETHER AND CHILL THE FUCK OUT."

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