"mum.. I know it is going to sound super weird. But there's a girl and she needs to stay here" I say

"who? Is it someone I know?"

"No, mum she just doesn't have anywhere to stay."

"Calum, was she kicked out of her house or something?"

"not exactly, but she really needs to. I'm serious"

"Is she knocked up or something? I swear Calum if.."

"NO Mum, I can't really say why... She needs somewhere to stay. Please?!?"

"Okay, what's her name?"

"I um don't know" I tug at the collar of my shirt and look down the hall.

"What do you mean, you better explain at home" I hear her sigh

"Bye" I say

I walk into the garage to see her learning to play the drums.


"Thanks for teaching me" I say

He leans into hug me and smile

WHen I notice the scars on his arms

"Ash what are these?" I ask suddenly worried

"Oh, just scars" He says his smile faltering a bit.

"Why? Are you unhappy?"

"I'm happy now. I was in a bad place before I met the boys"

"Oh, so did youu...?"

"Yes, I cut myself. I felt like I had no control, but then I joined this band and they helped me be comfortable being me"

"Oh, wow. Um pardon me... I'm just going to use the loo"

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