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Min felt stupid. Why you may ask? Simple. She freaking started disliking someone she didn't even know just cause she felt ignored by her friends because of them.

She knows it's petty but she can't help it. Growing up with a few friends, she was extremely possessive over the few she had. The few friends here were Krishna and Free. And the supposed person she was disliking was none other than Sasha Guten. The sweet and caring Sasha Guten.

It all started a few days ago after Free's return. He never stated why he left but she was hurt to know the boy she considered her bestfriend could care less about her or Kris. Maybe it was this hurt or the feeling of being ignored by Kristina combined that sparked the flames of envy in her heart.

She felt disappointed in herself. Sasha never even bordered her and Honey loved her; and she loved the little girl, why not her elder sister?

Maybe she should have made more friends.. Maybe she should not even have tried to make friends at all. Just stick to her book, stick to her bey. But the loneliness kills her.

She didn't knew when but she was sobbing. Why does this have to be like this?


She quickly wiped her tears clean and rubbed her eyes to pretend sleep. It was useless cause a few broken sobs would still make their way out of her.

"Hey, what happened?" Valt asked in his soft worried tone.

She felt even more pathetic. Now she had to distract him from his training too with her freaking problems.

"It's nothing. You-you should ta-take a break." She managed to get out.

"How is it nothing if it's affecting my friend? Let me help you Min. I wasn't able to help Shu..but I want to help you." Valt said in that same soft tone.

"It's not that big of a problem." Who was she kidding? She knew better than anyone else how small problems can have harmful results.

"Kris noticed that lately you have been sad.. At first she thought it was because of Free leaving the team but even now when he is back, you won't smile truly at her. Me or the others didn't notice but Free did; and so did Kris. What happened, Min?"

At least she won't feel guilty about giving fake smiles to only Sasha. That's just her own way of make believe that if you smile enough, everyone will think it's okay.

Her tears had stopped by now, and all it remained was swollen eyes and puffy cheeks.

She can't continue this anymore. If only for Valt then she will get it together. She can't distract him from his goals. Can't distract him from Shu.

She took a deep breath. "It's just I have been feeling lonely." She said at last.

Something flashed in Valt's eyes, as if realisation; and Min had an idea what it was.

"Sometimes you just feel lonely even in the crowd. You just feel ignored. Ignored in favour of someone else. This ignorance makes you feel sadness, sadness soon turns to fear of being rejected, this fear turns to anger not long after." She said with a sad smile.

"I have been feeling lonely and I don't know what to do. I want help but I was afraid. This fears lead me to direct my feelings of dislike at someone who didn't deserve it at all. Envy is an ugly emotion, you see." She smiled bitterly at her own words.

"I don't like this so I will make it right." She said before getting up and running to find a certain girl; not before saying, "Thank you, Valt!"

Valt just grinned. "I hope you succeed in whatever you are going to do."

Min knocked on the wooden door. She felt really anxious, playing all the scenarios that can go bad in her mind.

Honey was the one who opened the door. The little blunette girl looked expectantly at her to say something and before she would lose all her courage and run like hell and don't show her face again for weeks, she said, "Can I talk with your sister?"

"Sure." Honey said smiling, before pushing her inside and walking out of the room herself, closing the door.

"Oh, hey." Sasha said with a smile.

Okay, so there is a window.. Probability of her jumping out of it and making a run so she could cry vs probability of Sasha holding her back and thinking she is crazy-

"Hello." She said awkwardly staring at the ground.

"So, what brings you here?" Sasha asked curious.

"Uhh.. I know we don't talk much but I wanted some help. For someone.." Min said with a nervous smile.

"Sit down. I won't eat you." Sasha said patting the spot on the bed beside her.

If she sat the farthest away from Sasha, it was a coincidence. Definitely a coincidence.

"So, what type of help do you need?" Sasha asked, luckily not asking who.

"I will have to tell you the whole story for you to understand better." Min said quickly.

"Then go on. I am not a good listener but I will try." Sasha said with an eye smile.

"So, there is this person. She doesn't have many friends."

"Sad." Sasha commented.

"Yes. Anyways, the few friends she has, she has been feeling like they are ignoring her. Then comes the role of the next person; another girl; sweet and caring. The problem is, our first girl here is feeling a bit jealous towards our sweet girl, since she feels like the later is the reason why her friends will replace her soon enough. But the thing is, she knows it's not the later's fault; it's just, she can't help feel jealous and dislike her a bit; which she knows is wrong and feels guilty."  Min explained.

"I see."

"So, when another one of her friend talked with her, she decided to right her mistake. She wants to be friends with the other girl but doesn't knows how."

"Did she ever misbehave with the second girl?" Sasha asked with a thoughtful expression.

"Of course, not! That would make her a monster!" Min said, taking personal offense, then adding as second thought, "She just never talked with her much."

Sasha smiled, and said, "Then what are you afraid of? I will be your friend."

Ok, she sucks at story telling but wait- Sasha just excepted her apology and friendship proposal- so success!

She smiled brightly. "Thank you."

"No, thank you. You didn't need to give me any explanation but you did. I was seriously worried you will never be my friend; probably thinking I was petty." Sasha said in embarassment.

"Why would I think you are petty? That's my job." She added the last part half jokingly.

"Because I disliked you too at first. I was jealous of you since Honey loved you so much she won't stop talking about you. I thought you will steal my baby sister." Sasha said embarrassed.

Min actually chuckled, feeling a bit more at ease.

"At least I would feel a little less embarassment recaling this moment in the future." She said chuckling.

"Same here." Sasha joined in.

This was just the start of a beautiful friendship.

So, turns out it was actually Kris and indirectly Free who asked Valt to talk with her after all. They knew something was wrong; and whatever it was, included them, so no way of finding out what it was from her. She still felt stupid but atleast she got a new close friend, so definitely worth it.

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